May 28-2012
‘The Unknown World’ short film by Varun Mehta wins International Short Film Contest online

Varun Mehta, Indian Animator and Filmmaker

Animation Filmmaker Varun Mehta, has recently won an award for his film The Unknown World  at an International Film Competition held online on The ‘’ at US.

The ‘’ is the website designed by top class professionals from Columbia US. The site organised a Short Film Competition in January. The Website has been meant to honour the Artists around the world on the basis of skills and talent.

‘The Unknown World’ is a 2D Animated Short feature raising the issue over ‘Female Foeticide’. The movie is presentation of a girl child in a mother’s womb who is about to arrive in the new world. But before arriving in the new world, she has already formed a new world where she is happily waiting for her call. She plays, dances and sings. She knows that after all this waiting, she would finally see the new world. But everything gets short lived when people takes the decision to ‘ABORT’ the child. She can see herself being killed as well as her world.The film tells about the life of a female child destroyed inside her mother’s womb.

Speaking to about winning the award Varun Mehta said,”Its magical and unbelievable. When you participate, you always have a dream that you might win but you don’t know how brilliant could be your competitors. So your hope gets short-lived. But once you win it, It means like a dream come true. Especially when you come to know that you are the only one participating from your country and you have so many hopes to fall back on. The feeling of winning lives up with you till the end rather than the prize and recognition. It took full one day for me to realize that I won. So I can’t really express in world. It’s a delightful experience.”

The Unknown World has also been screened at PSA (Public service announcement)Video Contest 2011 at DBICA theatres Chennai and at Pukar Foundations for children in October 2011.

The Unknown World.avi snapshot

Talking about the challenges faced Varun said,”The Film was a challenge in itself. Even a 2 min Animated film can take six months and especially when you have to work on it from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. Challenge looks like a small word. I remember how much I scrapped the project when I couldn’t get the things right. The expressions and emotions should work. I thought I won’t be able to complete it but once when you dream, sky should be the limit. I took the project to a new medium. The movie took six months to be completed. Since I was alone working on it, I had to think on lot of things.I kept working through out six months with different softwares and  tried to make it as simple as I could. At the end the result was far from what I had expected but still satisfactory. Although I work as a team for my other professional stuff, But when coming to make films from heart, its just I and me only.”

Varun Mehta has also won at International Green Go Festival at France for his 3D animated film ‘Save Trees’.Currently Varun is Working on an animated short film called Survivor. It is a story about a kid who watches his village in horror every year being washed by floods. Apart from that Varun is re-launching his studio and office with a new name called ‘Wiz’ which
stands for Wizard.