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Prime Focus work for CBZ TVC gets in the laurels

Team Prime Focus is overjoyed.. Their work for the VFX in the CBZ TVC has won them a FICCI BAF Award.

Speaking to about the VFX in the TVC, Bhakti Patwardhan, Line Producer Prime Focus shared, ” We created 3D glass buildings with reflections and other buildings seen in the background. A 3D model of a Gargoyle was added in the foreground to improve design aesthetics. The bike comes crashing out of the window of a glass building. We also added bullets with the trails in the back passing by the camera. The shot where the bike comes crashing out of the window was composited with the CG building and further enhanced by adding the glass shatters and particles, debris flying out.”

The commercial was commissioned to Prime Focus by MAD Films. The project took four days to be completed and has been worked on by five artists including two modelers, one dynamics person, one lighting & shading artist and one compositor.

Talking about the preparations made for the TVC, Bhakti said, “We did a lot of referencing and research for the buildings, the particular reflections, the light refractions on a glass structure etc.”

She also spoke about the difficulties faced while doing VFX for this TVC, “The difficult part was, the process of making the live action footage to merge with the computer generated background to make it look as one. Shading and lighting the glass buildings with realistic reflections was important.”

“It was a job well done for the tight deadline it had.” concluded Bhakti.

Prime Focus has also created VFX for TVC’s like Pepsi Gold, SF Sonic, Berger Galaxy and Berger Illusions in the recent past.

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