Path of Exile: Harvest all set to come to PC on 19 June

Path of Exile is all set to get a new version, pegged as Harvest, on 19 June for PC. The expansion is set to bring with it a new challenger league, along with extensive changes to game balance, and visual improvements.

Main feature is of Path of Exile: Harvest which is its new Sacred Grove location. Billed as an ancient garden of mysterious power, players will be able to plant seeds that turn into powerful enemies, whose Lifeforce can then be crafted into players’ equipment.

Every monster defeated in the Grove brings with it a new crafting option. Performing one of these new crafts consumes Lifeforce from defeated monsters, and adds powerful modifiers to equipment.

Once Harvest begins, players will randomly encounter Seed Caches in the world — magical roots will lead the way, with a Seed Cache hidden in each area. When players interact with the Seed Cache, it will drop a bounty of different seeds. Oshabi, a new NPC, then offers players travel to the Sacred Grove.

Each seed has a monster associated with it — there are wolf seeds, ape seeds, scorpion seeds, and more — and players can plant them in the Sacred Grove. Some simple seeds only take time to grow but more advanced seeds require complex resources produced by growing simpler seeds. Opening a Seed Cache somewhere in the world advances time in your garden by one unit. This is where Path of Exile transforms from action RPG to miniature city builder.

The three primordial beasts that act as Harvest’s big legendary foes: Ersi, Janaar and Namharim. These three enemies can only be fought after cultivating rare seeds, and they drop the most valuable rewards.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Path of Exile: Harvest will be out on June 24.

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