Key steps to consider while creating a successful mobile game

Mobile games are incredibly promising. In addition to the already existing mega-popular options, the great rise of various categories of games is now being provided. The range is remarkable: from simple and addictive 2D hyper casual games to 3D shooters with stunning cutting-edge visuals. The huge affinity of people for mobile games has become an impetus for many developers to enter the industry and try their hand. Many publishers hire mobile game developers en masse to implement their projects.

However, it is important to understand that not all games are successful. The competition is huge. Everyone strives for success and profit. At the same time, players are becoming more demanding and picky. To get them interested in the game, you need to find specific points of attraction. They are based on thorough market research, the very best monetisation models and the latest gaming trends. If you want to be successful, you need to know how it all works. We are ready to share information: just follow it and increase your chance to leave your mark in game development.

Searching for an Idea

It all starts with an idea. This is the most obvious and at the same time the most difficult step for any mobile game development agency. No matter how beautiful the art is, if the very idea of ​​the game is lame, then nothing will save it. Therefore, the work on the concept sometimes takes the lion’s share of time.

There are no specific recipes for generating ideas. It is easy to give the recommendation to come up with something interesting and fresh. All genres have long been covered and implemented from different angles. Therefore, it may make sense to consider existing successful products and add something that players are missing. Coming up with an idea, you must know exactly how the game will attract players and how it differs from analogues.

Making History

Don’t be intimidated by this step. Of course, not all mobile game app development companies are known for creating games with intricate plots and unexpected twists. For a hyper casual game, this is not necessary. But in any case, any game has a purpose. And if there is a goal, then there is a path to it, which is packed into a story, even the simplest one.

  1. To start making history, all you have to do is think about the main questions:
  2. Who are the game’s antagonist and protagonist?
  3. What is the purpose of the game?
  4. What are the obstacles to achieving the goal?
  5. What will the hero gain by achieving victory?

By answering these questions, you will get the main storyline. Further, it can be supplemented with details. But you will know exactly what you are relying on.

Game Design Document Development 

Once we have an idea and a story, we can move on to formulating and capturing key aspects of the game. Every experienced mobile game app development company does this in a game design document. It often starts with a general information section that states:

  1. Genre.
  2. The target audience.
  3. Rules.
  4. Platform.
  5. Unique features.
  6. Main mechanics.

After specifying this information, you can proceed to a more in-depth description of the game. It contains the details of the game world, descriptions of levels and opponents, abilities and development of the hero, and so on.

Game Work

When all the details about the game are captured, you can start creating it. Artists create art, programmers conjure over code. Sound specialists provide the soundtrack for the game, UX/UI designers work on the interface. All specialists work at about the same time. This provides higher speed and the ability to compare results and test individual parts of the game.

At the end of the work, the testers check the entire game for bugs and errors. This is a must before launch, as players are very disliked by raw entertainment products. Also, even before placing the game in stores, it is very important to provide it with at least minimal promotion. These can include social media notifications, in-store advertisements, trailers, and press releases. Otherwise, the game runs the risk of being overlooked.


After the game is released, the companies providing mobile game development services continue to monitor it. The team records the feedback and comments of the players, fixes minor bugs and optimises the game. Subsequently, when interest in it begins to fade, many developers resort to creating updates. This is downloadable content that adds new levels, missions and overall variety to the game. Thus, interest in it is renewed.

Final Thoughts

In order for your game to be successful, professionals must work on it. Of course, there are times when developers single-handedly create a breakthrough product. But these are exceptions, surrounded by millions of other developers’ failures. The best way to protect yourself from bad luck is to contact the game app development company Kevuru Games. They are an experienced team that has worked on a wide variety of game projects. They will definitely help you to embody any of your ideas.