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9 time management apps for students

It’s almost the end of Summer already, and students all over the world have very little time left to relax before going back to school.

Studies show that as the global pandemic forced everybody to stay home, students have a problem with concentrating on their learning. And honestly, who could blame them? Playing games, lying in bed, and scrolling your feed is much more interesting than studying. 

While most students resort to outside help, such as a write my essay service, they also try to organize their learning with the help of various time management techniques. Brace yourself for yet another school year and say goodbye to procrastination with these time management apps!


This app is one of the most popular studying tools for students since 

  1. It has a free version;
  2. It’s pretty straightforward.

Basically, Evernote is a note-taking app, which allows the user to write down, edit, and share infinite amounts of information. It also has a desktop version in addition to the iOS and Android apps.

As Evernote is not necessarily a time management app, it still adds a lot of comfort to the studying process. The user has an opportunity to connect the app to other devices, customize the account, search for the saved info across all platforms, and organize their work in general.


This one is for those who enjoy ticking the completed tasks off their lists. There is some satisfaction in looking at a completed to-do list and knowing you have put the work in today. TickTick is a task manager that can be customized according to your busy schedule.

Apart from this great feature, TickTick gives you rewards for completing your planned tasks. It also takes down your score if you fail to finish them. So, in a way, you are playing a game while learning and achieving your goals, yay!


Listastic is yet another application for to-do lists that has been specifically designed for iPhone users. It has a neat visual component and an intuitive interface. A user can easily color-code the items based on their status or deadline. One minor setback of Listatic is that it is not free, even though the developers offer a two-week trial period for new users.


This application is a little more complex, as it offers full support for the students in terms of their schedule, notes, learning progress, and to-do lists. You can put your classes and assignments into the calendar for the whole year. iStudiez will send you notifications reminding you to study for a test or to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. The interface is also very user-friendly, best suited for an iPad.


Even though most phones already have this feature, RescueTime shows the users exactly how much time they spend on their apps every day. A lot of students can be motivated by putting strict boundaries on their app usage. If you see that you wasted 7 hours on Instagram on a school day, you probably won’t open it the next day.

RescueTime has a free trial version and its full version is quite pricey: for an $80 yearly subscription, you can enjoy bonus features. But it seems that a free version does a great job in helping students with their time management. 


Get ready for drastic measures: AppDetox will block any other application for a certain amount of time so a student can focus on other tasks. This is a simple and yet very effective app, as people often are drawn to social media when they are procrastinating. AppDetox is not only a tool for time management but also an assistant that helps to structure the learning process more effectively.


As almost every student uses a laptop for online classes today, it can be hard to focus on learning when there is so much to do on the internet. Motion is a plugin for Google Chrome that blocks certain websites for a needed period of the day. 

This is actually a very good idea if you cannot resist checking blogs, news, or local weather when you should be focusing on what your professor says. Motion can be set for several hours even, blocking unnecessary content until the end of classes.


This is by far the most creative time management app on this list. It helps a student focus on learning in a game from where a user can grow seeds into trees. Plant a seed when you start a task and it will grow into a tree if you manage to stay off the phone for 30 minutes.

Forest can also be used for meditation between studying sessions. By the end of the day, you can admire your personal forest and the impressive amount of work you have completed in the meantime! The developers also say that an actual tree will be planted in a real forest if you reach great milestones in your productivity levels with this app.


Studies show that it takes around 66 days to create a new habit. Streaks helps a student to be more productive and create new useful habits by ticking off their tasks every day. This app sends notifications if you forgot to email the professor or to practice violin, for example, creating a streak of productivity during the week.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, a list of 9 of the most popular and effective time management apps for students! Modern technology has everything that is needed for developing excellent time management skills and balancing your studying and your personal life.

Also, please remember that every person can choose their own form of motivation to reach their maximum level of productivity. Maybe you like creating lists, or maybe you just need a meditation app that will help you focus. If one application doesn’t help with your time management, you can always find another that will be best for you! 

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