SuperGaming to bring YouTuber Techno Gamerz as playable character in new game

SuperGaming has partnered with Techno Gamerz aka Ujjwal Chaurasia to bring him as a character in its soon to be revealed game. With over 30 million subscribers, Techno Gamerz has about nine billion views on YouTube through a variety of gaming content ranging from tutorials to web series. 

As the poster child for gaming in India, Chaurasia will help SuperGaming make its games better for young Indian audiences. He will feature in the company’s soon to be announced game with his appearance as a playable character as well as providing valuable insights and feedback to SuperGaming. 

“With more than 70 per cent of his audience being the young demographic in India, partnering with Techno Gamerz was the obvious choice,” said SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Roby John. “With Techno Gamerz as a playable character in our soon to be revealed game, we’re bringing a new way for fans to interact with their favourite creators and creators to build a closer connection with their fans.” 

SuperGaming will host several on-ground events based on its games, allowing fans of Techno Gamerz and other creators to meet him in person. The company’s biggest hits include MaskGun and Silly Royale. Popular multiplayer shooter MaskGun has amassed over 67 million players since its launch. 

This is due to a relentless focus on putting its players first with consistent community collaborations, even leading to some of its biggest community members featuring in-game as well as celebrating India-specific events like Diwali. The recently released social deduction game Silly Royale has over 22 million players in no small part thanks to regular community and content creator initiatives. The company hopes to do the same for its future releases through this partnership with Techno Gamerz.

“When SuperGaming approached me with the idea of featuring me in its soon to be revealed game, I was genuinely surprised with the team’s passion and expertise,” said Chaurasia. “I believe that the future of gaming is creator-driven and community-first and this is a step in building that future. The team is on the same wavelength as me and I can’t wait to tell you more in the days to come.”

“Gaming and content creation have always been two sides of the same coin and now we’re bringing the best of both worlds together through this partnership,” said OpraahFx founder Pranav Panpalia. “The fact that SuperGaming chose to approach Techno Gamerz speaks volumes about how creators have evolved to be the new celebrities the gaming community follow and look up to.”

SuperGaming has more than 300 million players across its games with an audience that spans the globe. It is developing Indus, an upcoming Indo-Futuristic battle royale for mobile, PC and consoles as well as several yet to be revealed titles. All of these are built on its SuperPlatform powered by Google Cloud.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions’ ‘Forspoken’ confirmed for release on 24 May 2022

At The Game Awards, SQUARE ENIX and Luminous Productions unveiled a new trailer for the studio’s debut title, Forspokenannouncing a worldwide release date of 24 May 2022. The trailer was introduced by Forspoken star Ella Balinska, who plays protagonist Frey Holland, and actor Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead series), who has joined the cast as the ruthless Tanta Prav.

In the new trailer, fans are given a closer look at the mysterious land of Athia and meet some of its last remaining citizens. Players also learn about the impending corruption called the “Break”: a devastating miasma that relentlessly corrupts everything it touches. Frey has somehow mysteriously survived this strange phenomenon, offering Athia a beacon of hope.

New action-packed gameplay featured in the trailer showcases how Frey’s quest in Athia will take her through a variety of diverse environments where she will learn how to use magic parkour to traverse across the unknown land in a fast and fluid manner, as well as her magic abilities to battle Athia’s dangerous beasts that she will encounter on her journey, including the newly revealed Breakzombies and Jabberwock.

Players were also introduced to a new character in Forspoken—the maddened evil sorceress, Tanta Prav—who is voiced and performed by The Walking Dead’s (TV Series) Pollyanna McIntosh. “It’s been wild playing Tanta Prav and I’m excited for players to meet her and experience her as Frey does: a remorseless, unrelenting powerhouse, full of secrets,” said McIntosh. “I think she will prove to be a ruthless adversary for players as they follow Frey on her journey in the land of Athia.”

SQUARE ENIX and Luminous Productions also revealed details of the Digital Deluxe Edition, available to pre-order from today. The Digital Deluxe Edition contains several exciting bonuses, including:

  • Rare Resource Kit (Only included for the PlayStation5 console Digital Deluxe Edition)
  • Mini Artbook (Digital Download)
  • Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)
  • Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust prequel story DLC

Those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will also receive the below unique gear and items to aid them in their journey through Athia:

  • No Limits Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace, Trigger Happy Nails and Crafting Starter Kit (PS5™)
  • Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace and Overclock Nails (PC)

The Digital Standard Edition is also available to pre-order from today. Players who pre-order the digital standard edition for PS5 or PC (via STEAM, Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store) will also receive the above pre-order bonus items for the respective platform at launch.

The physical (disc) version of the game will also be available from participating retailers. Pre-orders of the physical (disc) version are subject to local retailer availability and schedule.

Designed for PS5, Forspoken will harness the full power of the console and demonstrate Luminous Productions’ philosophy to provide a gaming experience like never before, fusing together the latest technology with creativity. Forspoken will launch simultaneously on the PS5 and PC (via STEAM, Epic Games Store or Microsoft Store) on 24 May 2022. This title is not yet rated by the ESRB.

Nightdive Studios announces ‘System Shock 2’ is under development

Nightdive Studios has announced and enhanced edition for classic first-person action RPG survival-thriller game System Shock 2.

The game is being rebuilt for modern platforms just like its predecessor. Although the release date wasn’t confirmed, however Nightdive said the enhanced edition is “coming soon.”

As they said on Twitter, “You asked for it and we are working on it”. While the currently available version of System Shock 2 remains one of the classic immersive sims, an influence without which BioShock would not exist and still one of the creepiest games around—that sound design though—there are plenty of players who’ve found it hard to get to grips with. And the ending’s always been horrible.

System Shock 2 was originally developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios, with famed game designer Ken Levine at the helm. It was released back in 1999 for Windows PC.

System Shock 3 is still happening, although it has no release date yet.

‘Sea of Solitude’ to launch worldwide on 5 July: EA announces

Ectronic Arts  ( EA) and visionary German studio Jo-Mei Games announced that the story-driven adventure game Sea of Solitude will be launching worldwide on 5 July 2019 via digital download on PlayStation4, Xbox One and Origin for PC.

Sea of Solitude is an emotional experience that takes players on a personal journey to overcome a young woman’s inner loneliness. Players must help Kay see below the surface and beyond, guiding her through a flooded city landscape in a deeply touching tale of darkness and light. As waters rise and fall to reflect her own state of mind, Kay will meet fantastical creatures and monsters, learn their stories and solve challenges to rid the world of tainted memories.

Sea of Solitude centers on the essence of loneliness and tugs on the heartstrings of its players by mirroring their own reality. It’s by far the most artistic and personal project I’ve ever created, written during a very emotional time in my life. Designing characters based on emotions was a deeply personal achievement for our team and we’re so excited for players to soon experience Kay’s powerful story of self-discovery and healing,” said Jo-Mei Games  CEO Cornelia Geppert.

Designed with a striking visual style, Sea of Solitude is an intimate adventure across a beautiful and evolving world where nothing is quite as it seems. Kay’s journey unfolds around dynamic environments as atmospheric in-game weather help visualise the characters’ emotions. Players unlock new areas to explore by overcoming emotional challenges and progressively revealing light and colour into the dark and stormy world. Through unique encounters with a variety of beautiful and terrifying monsters, Kay will discover why her loneliness has turned her into a monster and what it will take to change back to a human.

Sea of Solitude is an innovative EA Originals game developed by the talented team at Jo-Mei Games in Berlin, Germany. EA Originals helps shine a light on some of the most passionate, independent and talented game studios across the globe. These games come from highly creative game makers who love to enchant and inspire players. Sea of Solitude’s empowering narrative makes it an unforgettable gaming experience and another exciting addition to the EA Originals program.

Sea of Solitude will be launching worldwide at cost of $19.99 on PlayStation4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC via Origin.

Nazara unveils new mobile game ‘Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run’ inspired by Narendra Modi’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’

One of India’s leading mobile gaming company, Nazara Technologies, today announced the launch of their new game Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run’. The game is inspired by prime minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This is a part of Nazara’s Play4Good initiative wherein a mobile game is being used to educate young children with good values to keep their surroundings clean.

In the game, the main character and also the superhero for millions of children, Chhota Bheem, race to clean up the streets and areas across different cities of India and collects all the trash in nearby dumping zones. The game has a daily and weekly contest with inbuilt leaderboards and contest winners will become part of the Swachh Bharat Army inspired by Modi. Members of Swachh Bharat Army will receive exciting merchandise. Chhota Bheem is setting up an example to other children to follow his lead and is taking the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan message forward to the children of India. The game is live, it can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Nazara’s CEO Manish Agarwal, says, “We believe that gaming offers an opportunity to educate the children in an interactive and entertaining manner and with Chhota Bheem Swachh Bharat Run game, we believe that we are encouraging children to keep their surroundings clean in an engaging manner. We are glad to leverage mobile game for promoting the message of Swachh Bharat not only among children but also among young parents. We believe that through this engaging game, parents will proudly watch their children become soldiers of Narendra Modi’s Swachh army whilst carrying forward the Swachh Bharat Mission.”

Nazara has over hundred million downloads of mobile games developed for children around massively popular local Indian characters apart from Chhota Bheem like Motu Patlu, Mighty Raju, Shikari Shambhu among others.


Warner Bros and IO Interactive finally launch ‘Hitman 2’

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have launched Hitman 2, the follow-up to the acclaimed international video game, Hitman. The game is now available for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation 4 Pro computer entertainment system, Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X, and PC.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the talented team at IO Interactive on the launch of Hitman 2. It has immersive gameplay, franchise-first game modes and a constant flow of free live content that is sure to excite the passionate fan base, as well as new players,” said Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president David Haddad.

The game is developed by IO Interactive which has perfected the assassination sandbox experience, providing players with an unrivaled freedom to plan and complete their mission utilizing an assortment of tools, weapons, disguises and a variety of stealth techniques to creatively trigger their own unique chain of events.

“It has never been a more exciting time for IO Interactive and Hitman players all around the world.  The new game of the same franchise marks not only a new chapter for us as an independent studio but also serves as a benchmark for our commitment to deliver unique AAA experiences. The world of assassination will truly never stop challenging you, as we will keep expanding it and further push the envelope in new, ambitious directions.” said IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak.

The new game takes players on a global adventure across six intricate locations – including Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand), Miami (Florida/U.S.), Santa Fortuna (Colombia), Mumbai (India), Whittleton Creek (Vermont/U.S.) and the mysterious Isle of Sgàil (North Atlantic). The game has all living, breathing environments with multiple paths to explore, unparalleled game depth and countless interactive possibilities.

A variety of new features, upgrades and items are present in the game including the 1-versus-1 competitive multiplayer – ghost mode, online co-op mode – sniper assassin, return of the fan-favourite briefcase, brand new progression system, ability to hide in low vision areas, enhanced crowd fidelity, picture-in-picture mode, accented dialogue, strategic use of mirrors, improved combat A.I., new difficulty levels and much more. With the entire main game available at launch, this allows for all locations to be immediately enjoyed and utilized for post-launch free live content, including elusive targets, escalations, challenge packs and contracts mode.

The first of numerous post-launch live content updates will include the upcoming elusive target mission starring international actor Sean Bean, who will take on the role of Mark Faba, a former MI5 Agent turned freelance assassin.

In ghost mode, two players compete against each other online, both as Agent 47, to assassinate the most targets faster and cleaner than their opponent while utilizing weapons, items, outfits and ghost crate supply drops to help accomplish the overall mission.

The franchise-first Sniper Assassin brings a co-op experience to the Hitman series for the first time, allowing two players to work together online to take down their targets.

The Hitman 2 standard edition includes the main game and is available for $59.99. The  silver edition includes the main game, plus an upcoming expansion pack featuring a new location, new sniper assassin map, new challenges, various missions, outfits and weapons, as well as the executive pack featuring the Italian black leather briefcase and ICA 19 blackballer pistol in-game items, all for $79.99.

The  gold edition includes the main game, plus the expansion pass, which contains two upcoming expansion packs providing new locations, new sniper assassin maps, new challenges, various missions, outfits and weapons, as well as the executive pack, all for $99.99. Finally, the  collector’s edition includes the main game, expansion pass, executive pack, collector’s pack featuring the concussive rubber duck and midnight black suit in-game items, exclusive steelcase, Agent 47 bullet keyring, Agent 47 rubber duck and Agent 47 signature coin, all packed into an exclusive replica Agent 47 Gun Case for $149.99.

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