Pocket Aces’ Loco sees over 6x rise in daily active users

 Loco, has witnessed a 6x growth in daily active users (DAUs) in the past month. The viewership increase has been driven by a growth in the number of active streamers on the platform, including India’s popular streamers, who are now streaming on Loco. Monthly active streamers have increased by 122 per cent month on month during the last three months and continue to accelerate at a breakneck pace.

Loco sees over 1,000+ hours of live gaming content being streamed per day and this is likely to grow further in the coming months. The platform enables users to watch and stream gameplays of different games such as PUBG Mobile, FreeFire, and Call of Duty Mobile. Loco houses some of India’s top competitive gamers such as Jonathan, Ghatak, IND Snax, and Xyaa, who, along with top teams like Fnatic, IND, 8bit, and Team Tamilas, provide viewers with the very best of gaming entertainment. The platform is also pioneering the regional language game streaming space with regular South India-focused programming being created in association with Sky esports and Midfail, the leading Tamil streamer, streaming on the platform.

Commenting on Loco’s growth trajectory, Pocket Aces founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh said, “With game streaming and esports, we are witnessing the rise of a completely new category in entertainment and we are excited to serve this ecosystem through Loco. Over the past few months, we have seen consumption growing rapidly and this has been accompanied by strong positive sentiment from content creators, publishers, and advertisers. The gaming community and culture is getting stronger by the day as the sector transitions from a niche hobby to a mainstream interest. We are now seeing streamers come to the fore from various walks of life and different parts of the country, entertaining audiences in their own unique way. We are really grateful for the support of various ecosystem participants and believe that we are just scratching the surface when it comes to the potential of this sector.”

Recently the app forged an esports partnership with Redbull, manufacturer of the world’s leading energy drink to broadcast the finale of the Red Bull Flick tournament. The platform has also struck an industry-defining strategic alliance with Fnatic India, where the two will co-create unique esports content together which includes multiple tournaments and non-fiction shows. In August, Loco, in association with the POCO M2 Pro hosted its first ever original PUBG tournament that garnered over 3 million views, with Team Celtz winning the tournament and 8bit Akshat winning the MVP title. 


Pocket Aces’ Loco announces a new Original Monsoon Knockouts, in collaboration with POCO M2 Pro

Loco has announced its first original tournament titled Monsoon Knockouts presented by POCO M2 Pro. The tournament will see India’s 20 most popular PUBG Mobile teams competing against each other over a course of four days starting 25 July 2020. The tournament will be live-streamed on Loco.

Through novel brand partnerships, such as this one with POCO, the platform is aligning forward thinking advertisers with audience interests and attention.

The newly-launched POCO M2 Pro comes with inbuilt gaming-oriented features, which provides an optimised gaming experience to e-athletes by vastly improving three key aspects i.e. visual optimisation, audio optimisation, and performance enhancements. 

Speaking on the association,POCO marketing and partnerships Yash Garg said “At POCO, we enjoy a very vibrant and young community that is very active online. This also includes multiplayer gaming platforms, which is where we see a strong synergy with a brand like LOCO. With this partnership, we want to collaborate in a way that creates a unique intersection and add value to respective groups of users.”

 Echoing his sentiments, Pocket Aces VP-sales Deepak Raj stated, “At Loco, we are strongly committed to growing the esports industry in India, and through our marquee initiatives like the Monsoon Knockouts, we look forward to bringing together some of the finest Indian gaming talents competing for the win. Additionally, the association with POCO will foster the newly launched M2 Pro to the community and gaming viewers who are looking forward to this PUBG Tournament. We aim to build many more live tournament formats to our roster that will help us democratize the gaming experience for millions of active gamers in India.”

Skyesports Grandslam in partnership with LOCO is wrapped with over 28 mn impression

Chennai based esports company, Skyesports in partnership with LOCO, streaming, and esports platform joined hands together to host more than a month-long gaming tournament in an attempt to engage with the gamers during the lockdown. The event spanned across over 50 days with multiple game titles being hosted.

The tournament was streamed live on LOCO and Skyesports’s channels and the commentary was available in Hindi and Tamil.

The tournament witnessed record-breaking numbers in terms of participation in games like Clash of Clans and Brawl stars. Skyesports also explored community favourite PC title Rainbow Six: Siege which turned out to be a bit hit among the gamers.

In PUBG Mobile, the tournament saw participation from topmost teams like Soul, Fnatic, TSM-Entity, Megastars, 8Bit, Orange Rock, Team Tamilas among others. Team IND won the tournament and Team Soul was the 1st Runner up.

Brawl stars saw registration with 147 teams registering for this event. ODA Elites, the 2x ESL India champions were crowned champions in Skyesports Grandslam for Brawlstars by defeating team B2K with a score of 4-0

Clash of Clans, gained over 250k views with 6021 concurrent viewers, while Brawl stars got strong 150k views. Most expected PC Game Rainbow Six Siege gain over 1,00,000 views.

Overall event insights can be seen here:

Here is the full list of the tournament winners and runners.

PUBG Mobile

  • Champions – Team IND
  • Runners – Team Soul


  • Champions – ODA Elites
  • Runners – B2k

Rainbow Six Siege 

  • Champions – Level Zero Esports
  • Runners – Team Reckoning

Clash of Clans

  • Champions – Indian Tribe
  • Runners – Bharat

Pocket Aces’ Loco and Red Bull tie-up to fuel India’s esports growth

Loco, India’s live game streaming platform, and Red Bull, the manufacturer of  energy drink,  announced an esports partnership with a mission of transforming esports into popular culture.

The partnership will see Red Bull and Loco working together to create and broadcast esports content across various game categories.  Red Bull now teams up with Loco, to serve the esports ecosystem in India which consists of over 600 million gamers.

Speaking about the partnership, Pocket Aces founder Anirudh Pandita, said, “India’s gaming ecosystem continues to grow rapidly and gaming has now permeated the Indian consumer’s entertainment experience in a meaningful manner. Our mission as a company is to help consumers fight boredom and we are pleased to partner with Red Bull in our journey.  Red Bull has actively appreciated and promoted esports globally over the last few years and we hope to work with them to provide wings to the flight of the esports community.”

The partnership will kickstart with the live broadcast of the finale of the ongoing “Red Bull Flick” tournament on Loco. This popular CS GO (CounterStrike) tournament is designed to discover the most talented gamers in India and is set to take place on Saturday, 13 June. The Loco-Red Bull partnership will also cover events such as Red Bull MEO (which will focus on mobile arcade games like PUBG Mobile) and Red Bull R1v1r Ruins (which will focus on Dota). The companies will work together to create additional events which will be announced soon.

Indian Counter-Strike Pro and Red Bull India’s gaming athlete, Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth, said, “I am really happy to see such great participation in Red Bull Flick. I think we made all the six cups full within four days. This shows the passion of our community. I know we are going to see some great matches in the national finals on 13June. Red Bull Flick is a great platform to showcase your aiming skills. India is known to have players with good aim but they find it difficult to make a team and compete. Red Bull Flick is a great initiative to help such gamers and put them out there. Additionally, I am equally excited to see Red Bull partner with a game streaming and esports platform like Loco to broadcast the finals which definitely gives us access to one of the largest gaming communities in India.”

The Red Bull-Loco association will not only offer a platform to aspiring gamers in India to showcase their talent but also fuel the growth of this industry; placing India on top of the global esports map. Recently, Loco partnered with Fnatic, a leading professional esports organisation headquartered in London, United Kingdom for a PUBG Mobile charity tournament called #GamingForGood.

Skyesports and Loco partner to announce ‘Grandslam Tournament’ across five game titles

Chennai based esports company, Skyesports, has entered into a partnership with game streaming and esports platform – Loco to bring gaming and esports  ‘Skyesports Grandslam’. The month-long gaming tournament is one of the largest esports tournaments being held with some of the most popular players and teams in India. The games will stream live on Loco and will also be available on Skyesports YouTube channel with live commentary available in Hindi and Tamil.

Speaking about the tournament, SkyEsports CEO Shiva Nandy said, “This is an exciting format for us and we are looking at organizing tournaments across various titles. It’s a great opportunity for many gamers to get into competitive gaming with the titles they love to play. Loco is building the home of Indian game streaming and they were natural partners for us. We hope to do bigger and better things with them in the future!”

The tournaments will stream every week offering a total prize pool of Rs 5,00,000 across various titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG, World Cricket Championship Rivals, and more. The second week (16May to 19 May) will showcase some of the most popular esports titles in India such as PUBG Mobile along with participation from topmost teams like Soul, Fnatic, TSM-Entity, IND, Orange Rock, Team Tamilas among others. This PUBG Mobile tournament will be streamed exclusively on Loco, with live matches commencing at 2:00 pm.

Speaking about the partnership for this tournament, Pocket Aces founder Anirudh Pandita, the parent company of Loco said, “Loco is pleased to collaborate with Skyesports, who have been pioneers in the esports space. After the resounding success of our previous tournament with Fnatic that witnessed a total viewership of 5.8M, we are excited to bring our viewers another outstanding offering featuring the best teams in the country. Furthermore, with this tournament we will be offering live commentary in Tamil, allowing us to better serve our Tamil-first users!”

Pocket Aces’ Loco gets gaming: Adds game streaming and esports broadcasting to its app

Pocket Aces announced a major product update for its gaming app, Loco. Dedicated to democratising gaming entertainment, Loco will now allow its users to stream on the app, with a specific focus on gaming. This will make Loco one of the earliest entrants in the game streaming space in India.

The games that streamers on the platform are streaming include the likes of PUBG, FreeFire, Call of Duty etc. The platform will continue to offer its hypercasual gaming and interactive trivia, where it has hosted over 2,000 quizzes with multiple branded games.

Commenting on the new version of Loco, Pocket Aces founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh said, “In 2018, we launched Loco with two daily quiz shows and within a year, we expanded our services to include hyper-casual gaming. Today, users spend over 30 minutes per day on the app. As the next step in fulfilling our commitment towards building a long lasting gaming and esports ecosystem in India, we are now adding game streaming to our platform. This major update empowers gamers to entertain India and display their skills in different popular games, right from the comfort of their homes. In the coming months, we will roll-out an exciting array of new features and original gaming content.”

Recently Loco, has partnered with Fnatic and will exclusively live stream #GamingForGood, a PUBG Mobile charity tournament that will take place from 3 April to 5 April  between 3pm to 9pm. This is an initiative taken to raise funds and help some of those affected due to the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Top 20 teams from the South Asian PUBG MOBILE circuit will compete for prizes totalling to Rs 3.5 lakh, which will be donated to charities that teams pick.

Since inception, the platform has seen more than 22 million gaming hours spent by users, 3 million cash prize winners and has successfully rolled out more than 2,000 quizzes. Loco is currently available on Android and iOS platforms, and it has a highly engaged community of 2.2 lakh on Facebook, 1.9 lakh on Instagram and 60k on Twitter.

IGX is back with its fifth edition

India’s largest and longest-running consumer gaming festival, IGX, an initiative by Event Capital, powered by Western Digital and co-powered by Loco is scheduled to take place on 21 to 22 March 2020 at NESCO, Mumbai. IGX is India’s ultimate fan experience for gamers to come and explore the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing market. From hands-on gaming experiences to panel discussions and workshops to cosplay showcases to multi-platform e-sports competitions, IGX has something for everyone.

Commenting on the upcoming festival,  IGX  founder Sameer Desai,  said ” Over the last five years, IGX has delivered an unparalleled gaming experience to Indian consumers through blockbuster games, cutting-edge hardware, multiplatform esports, panels and workshops, cosplay and more. We look forward to welcoming gamers and industry leaders to the fifth edition of IGX this month for an experience never before seen in India.”

IGX brings together the biggest brands from around the world and the hottest games across all platforms under one roof. Also, one can meet top gamers present at the festival like Dynamo Gaming, TSG, Neon Man, Rawknee, Alpha Clasher amongst others. It represents all things gaming and some more! The festival previously has attracted over 120 brands and over 90,000 visitors over the previous editions.

Speaking on this, Event Capital CEO Janak Vora said, “We are delighted to bring the fifth edition of IGX in India and Event Capital being a frontrunner, creating an IP for this genre on this scale. This event includes various experiences where participants will get a chance to meet the top gamers at the one-of-a-kind event. 2020 is all set to be the year when Gaming technologies will become more affordable and accessible. We look forward to give the best experience to everyone and make it bigger than ever.”

Being India’s largest and longest-running gaming festival, IGX has become synonymous as a destination where all gamers can come together to enjoy and celebrate their passion. From free-play zones featuring the latest blockbuster games and experiential booths showcasing cutting-edge gaming technologies to competitive tournaments across popular games, the event is sure to be every gamer’s dream come true. IGX is also known for hosting the country’s largest gaming cosplay competition. In 2019, gaming was all about going mainstream in India penetrating across ages, gender groups, and geographies. 2020 is all about expanding that growth. Primarily driven by online and mobile gaming, the sector has had a steady growth at a CAGR of 22 per cent and is likely to touch $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2020 in India.

Talking about the collaboration, Viacom18  Voot Select, Youth, Music and English Entertainment, head  Ferzad Palia said, “At MTV, we are always looking to diversify our offerings for the youth and esports as a category has seen substantial growth in India over the past few years. We have seen great success with esports content on MTV in the past. As the unscripted entertainment destination of Young India, we are delighted to present IGX to our audience, both on television and on digital”.

MTV is the official broadcast partner for the fifth edition of IGX. The channel will be airing a 30-minute episode of the gaming extravaganza. In partnership with India’s Biggest Gaming Festival, MTV viewers will witness the coming together of the most exciting gaming technologies, latest blockbuster games, conversations around industry and culture of gaming, entertainment and tons of experiences on 27 March 2020 at 10 PM. Digital natives need not fret as IGX will also be available on Voot.




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