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Thwink Big acquires exclusive rights of popular digital characters from ‘Mania Ki Duniya’

Thwink BIG, the in-house content studio and talent incubator of BIG FM has acquired rights of two popular digital characters Baba BC and Mehta Kuch Nahi Kehta from Mania Ki Duniya, a popular YouTube channel by Manish Karnatak.

This announcement was made in line with Thwink BIG’s objective of creating, impactful content and encouraging talent. With this acquisition, the brand continues its legacy of adding fresh and relatable content to its bouquet of offerings which appeal to listeners and are effective for brands to partner with.

Sunil Kumaran

Commenting on this take over, Thwink BIG country head Sunil Kumaran said, “Digital characters help build sticky content and this would further reinforce our branded content offering for clients. We have had great successes with award-winning properties like Aktor calling Aktor & Chutki aur Shopkeeper. We will continue to enhance our portfolio by creating and acquiring more characters which help provide deeply engaging and refreshing content.”

With over 300k+ YouTube subscribers, Mania Ki Duniya creates engaging laugh-a-minute comedy scripted and voiced by Karnatak himself. While Baba BC has an unusual take on English words which is sure to leave the audience in splits, Mehta Kuch Nahi Kehta on the other hand is a story about a simple guy with a girlfriend who talks non-stop and Mehta has no option but to be quiet in front of her.

With each character’s individual personality and traits, brands across sectors like telecom, real estate, BFSI, FMCG, e-commerce, auto, etc. can now integrate their communication into interesting content narratives.

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