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‘Spider-Man : Far From Home’ to release on 4 June in India due to high fan demand!

 Spidey arrives a day early in India! Spider-Man : Far From Home is going to release a day earlier, 4 June, in India due to unprecedented fan demand.

Although Avengers: Endgame was thought to be the conclusion of the ‘Infinity Saga’,it wasn’t the end of the first three phases of the MCU. The phase will end with Spider-Man: Far From Home, similar to that of Ant-Man that pulled curtains on Marvel Phase two following the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron

As revealed to ComicBook, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige explained, “We’ve been working for many years on Infinity War, Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Those were the films that were culminating the entire Infinity Saga of the MCU. And as we were working on Endgame we realised that the true end of the entire Infinity Saga, the final film of Phase three, had to be Spider-Man: Far From Home, because we lose Tony Stark at the end of Endgame. The relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark is special.”

The hype around the Avengers franchise has not been a new thing. For Spider-Man : Far From Home, the early advance bookings in India will open on 30 June. Sony Pictures Entertainment India releases Spider-Man: Far From Home on 4 July in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. 

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