Riot Games to build next games in ‘League of Legends’ franchise on Unity

Unity Technologies, creator of the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, announced that Riot Games, the developer and publisher of League of Legends, has chosen Unity to power Legends of Runeterra and League of Legends: Wild Rift. By using Unity’s optimized reach for more than 20 platforms, Riot Games is able to bring the renowned gameplay, responsive controls, and rich world of League of Legends to more players on more platforms than ever before. Legends of Runeterra is currently in open beta on PC, and will be coming to iOS and Android later this year. League of Legends: Wild Rift is coming to iOS, Android, and consoles in the future.

“Unity’s technology enables us to focus on delivering the beloved League of Legends experience to as many players across as many platforms as possible. We want to meet our players where they are, and Unity’s world-class tools and platform optimization help us achieve that. With the expert support provided by Unity, we’ve been able to unlock the power of Unity’s technology like never before,” said  Riot Games head of corporate and business development Brian Cho.

“From the beginning, we wanted Legends of Runeterra to be available on both PC and mobile, so Unity was the obvious choice.We relied heavily on Unity’s professional services team for ongoing support and performance advice; they’ve been absolutely integral to the ongoing development of our game,”  said Legends of Runeterra Engineering Lead Dann Webster.

The League of Legends franchise reaches millions of players in more than 150 countries globally. Working with Unity and its Professional Services team enables Riot Games to target billions of players across the 20+ platforms currently supported by Unity. Each platform is optimised to ensure the same consistent high-quality experience regardless of where players chose to play. Players communicate in-game, powered by Vivox voice chat, part of the Unity suite of tools. Voice comms ensure players across Riot’s product suite can strategize, wherever they are in the world, on any device.

“We are focused on providing the solutions and technology that allows creators to immerse their players in fantastic worlds and experiences. Riot Games has woven such a rich tapestry with the world of League of Legends, and our technology now gives them the power to share the same consistent experience with more players, across more platforms, than ever before,”  said  Unity Technologies vice president of research & development Ralph Hauwert.

Unity supports 20+ platforms and currently powers more than half of all new games, including the record-breaking releases of Call of Duty: Mobile (100 million+ downloads week one), and Mario Kart Tour (90 million+ downloads week one). Unity recently released the Unity 2019.3 Tech Stream, which brings forth more than 260 improvements and features, including optimizations for new platforms and the tools and technologies needed to reach them.

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