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‘Masha and the Bear’ accumulates a trillion minutes of watchtime on YouTube

Animaccord’s animated series Masha and the Bear received over a total of 150 billion content views and 230 million subscribers on YouTube.

According to Animaccord, Masha and the Bear achieved a 50 per cent growth rate in its subscriber base on YouTube in 2023, compared to the previous year. In eight months of this year alone, the brand has gained 30 million new followers, surpassing the 20 million subscribers added in 2022.

In addition to its subscriber growth, the brand’s in-house managed channels have accumulated over one trillion minutes of watchtime on YouTube. To put this in perspective, it equates to nearly two million years of viewing, dating back to a time when homo erectus first appeared on Earth.

Masha and the Bear has recently been honoured with its seventh YouTube Diamond Creator Award. This recognition was earned by the show’s Hindi channel, which crossed 10 million subscribers. The Hindi channel now joins the ranks of previously awarded channels, including English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, and Arabic, bringing the total number of YouTube Awards for the brand to 57 (seven diamond, 21 golden, 30 silver).

Other multi-language channels associated with Masha and the Bear are also achieving milestones. The Japanese channel, which was launched in 2021, has now crossed the one million subscriber mark, earning a YouTube Gold Creator Award.

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