First issue of ‘Captain America’ comic sold for over $3 million

Captain America’s debut comic book, 1941’s Captain America Comics #1, was sold for over $3 million at Heritage Auctions, making it one of the most expensive comic book auction purchases of all time. 

The comic was Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s finest copy, with a 9.4 Near Mint grade from Certified Guaranty Company. The comic book’s bid started off at $1,825,000, then quickly shot up to $2.2 million.

Heritage Auctions set another record with Kirby’s splash page from August 1964’s Tales of Suspense No. 59, Captain America’s first solo Silver Age story sold for $630,000; the highest price ever paid at auction for a King’ Kirby original. The 10-page story was offered at the auction for the first time, including Stan Lee as an author. It was sold for $975,600.

“Every time I looked up during the comic art portion of the session, a new record was falling, and with the comic books, that trend continued,” said Heritage Auctions VP Barry Sandoval. “We knew this was a selection of truly exceptional material, and we’re thrilled bidders agreed with that.”

The Fantastic Four is the first family of Marvel Comics,” said consignment director Aaron White, “and these results only underscore their importance in the comic book hobby.”

Captain America Comics #1, which came from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, was the first official appearance of Marvel’s iconic Captain America character. The issue also introduces Bucky Barnes, who later goes on to become the Winter Soldier, and Cap’s longtime nemesis, Red Skull.

According to Tony Fay Public Relations, the final $3.1 million price makes it the fourth-highest amount ever paid for a comic book at an auction.