Aardman produces ‘Pint-Sized Perfection’ commercial for Thatchers Cider

Aardman collaborated with Somerset cider maker Thatchers on their recently launched TV commercial. The TV spot uses stop motion animation to bring the viewer through the gates of Thatchers’ own Myrtle Farm home, showing how the family cider maker’s dedication along every step of the way achieves Pint-Sized Perfection.

Aardman used their skills in perfectly crafted hand-made miniature worlds to bring Thatchers’ expertise to the screen. Iconic elements of Myrtle Farm, such as its orchards, help tell the story of carefully crafting the perfect drop of cider.

Some familiar faces make an appearance throughout the commercial, including fourth generation cider maker Martin Thatcher making a big entrance for the weekly 12:30 tasting. Viewers may also recognise the iconic Thatchers hot air balloon from previous ads, as well as Myrtle, the family dog. 

“Partnering with Aardman, a truly iconic brand with such amazing creative genius, and situated in the West Country as we are, allows us to introduce consumers to a new light-hearted, storytelling creative about our ciders,” said Martin Thatcher, who has had cameo appearances in all of Thatchers recent TV ads. “With total commitment to quality, perfection and sustainability every step of the way, the commercial shines a spotlight on the Thatchers world in this contemporary way.”

With total dedication to their craft, a team of 40 creatives at Aardman were involved in the film, with animators alone needing over 480 hours to shoot the 40 second commercial.

“I am thrilled to be directing a new advert for Thatchers, a cider brand that shares our passion for craft and attention to detail,” said Aardman director Will Studd. “As a paid-up cider enthusiast, I am drinking in the opportunity to bring the Thatchers family, farm, dog, and selected staff members to life with detailed puppets and sets. Being able to collaborate with such a well-established South West brand on this project is an honour, I’m eager to create a beautiful film that captures the essence of Thatchers and their focus on perfection.” 

“This is a film that allows people to step into the world of Thatchers. Our passion for creating the most perfect cider is reflected in the genius of Aardman, whose animators have recreated life at Myrtle Farm in the most minute and exacting detail, from our iconic barn doors, to our hot air balloon where the basket was handwoven out of real straw. Fabric from our own workwear has even been used to create some of the costumes,” said Martin.

“In partnering with Aardman we’ve been in awe of their attention to detail, their pursuit of perfection, which truly resonates with all that we strive for at Thatchers,” he added.

The commercial will have a multi-media launch, with the campaign continuing through to August. This will include linear TV, broadcast video on demand, cinema and YouTube. This will be enhanced with 48 sheet and six sheet OOH, and a consumer focused social media campaign.

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