2D animation game ‘Tala’ promises a visual escapade

The Garden Well, a boutique games studio is here with a new game on board, Tala. The game developer, Matt Petrak takes us on an exploration ride wherein nature photography combines with animation.

Tala is a handcrafted 2D adventure game, where the protagonist Tala ventures outside her small village to save her mentor, the Town Guardian, who is stranded in the deep woods. The game suggests the player who is Tala, to work with your other townsfolk, collect parts of the old airplane and repair it to fly and complete the task.

Tala was conceived as an art test in 2014. It garnered recognition as a full-fledged project when Petrak started to hack together a basic prototype in his first foray using Unity. He created Tala, by working on it in his free time. The reveal trailer and teaser game is now in its final stage of development and will be out soon.

With the nonverbal dialogue system, Tala happens to be a wordless game with a promise of visual escapade to imbibe.

Get ready to explore the adventures with Tala!

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