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Looking for a job in the AVGC sector? AnimationXpress is here to help

While the pandemic has affected a lot of industries, the AVGC industry has managed to keep the lights on. The bigger studios have managed to keep their businesses afloat, but the smaller ones have been heavily affected by the lockdown, leading to a lot of layoffs.

Lack of required workstations, proper set up, stable internet connectivity and more for many animators and artists have made ‘work from home’ a thing for the privileged.

However, it’s time to cheer up as the studios are once again recruiting and we are here to help you out through our Jumbo Jobs section. AnimationXpress has been catering the animation, visual effects, gaming, comics and technology industries since its inception. Not only editorial coverage, brand promotion, media partnerships, we have also been helping studios recruit the right kind of talent as we are the one-stop destination for the Indian AVGC industry.

There’s opening in all studios, be it small, mid, or high-level studios.

Update your resume and send it to us on or you can fill in this form. AnimationXpress will help you connect with the right studios.

Good luck!

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