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TikTok aims to push gaming by conducting tests on Vietnam users

As per Reuters report, TikTok has been testing games for its app in Vietnam to push its platform into gaming.

A TikTok representative shared that the company was planning to bring HTML5 games, a common form of minigame, on its platform through a partnership with Zynga. The representative didn’t share many details about TikTok’s plans for Vietnam or its broader gaming ambitions.

A company representative, “We’re always looking at ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new features and integrations that bring value to our community.”

As per Reuter’s sources, TikTok plans to draw primarily on ByteDance’s suite of games which will be ad-supported and will help to generate revenue and will boost the users’ time spent on the platform.

While TikTok will commence with minigames, with simple gameplay mechanisms and a short playing time, TikTok’s gaming ambitions extend beyond that, said one official who had direct knowledge of the matter.

Vietnam authorities restrict games depicting gambling, violence, and sexual content, therefore, TikTok will require a licence to feature games on its platform. Since the games planned are not controversial, the process is expected to go smoothly as per the sources.

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