Gameflip partners with Nitro League to make play-to-earn accessible to all gamers

Gameflip has announced their partnership with popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, Nitro League, bringing high-octane racing action to Gameflip’s community of over 6M gamers.

Gameflip is an innovation focused technology company powering the future of Web3 by enabling all ecosystem participants including gamers, creators, brands, and developers to connect, safely and easily distributing digital gaming assets to the mainstream. Gameflip offers APIs for both Web2 and Web3 game developers to seamlessly onboard Gameflip’s community into their game to leverage their proven digital commerce platform as a way to simply and safely transact gaming NFTs.

“Our mission has always been to put the power back into gamers’ hands by giving them more control over their digital goods. We’re excited to incorporate Nitro League into our platform and will continue to pursue partnerships with other blockchain-based games in the future,” said Gameflip CEO JT Nguyen.

Nitro League is a P2E game built on the Polygon blockchain. Players can purchase and race their futuristic, unique cars against other players.

Gameflip offers an easy and seamless integration for new and existing Nitro League users by allowing them to purchase through Gameflip’s “Amazon-like” purchase flow using fiat or cryptocurrencies. In addition, Nitro League will be offering a limited number of special, never before released race cars only available through the Gameflip platform.

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