Second Dinner launches digital card game ‘Marvel Snap’

Developer Second Dinner has announced a new digital card battler game Marvel Snap for mobile and PC. Ben Brode, former director of HearthStone, is the founder of Second Dinner. Marvel Entertainment has also made the announcement for the same, while announcing they said that the game would come with the entire Marvel multiverse, including characters and locations.

The announcement video released by Marvel hints that the matches last about three minutes and players take their turn simultaneously, so there is no waiting which gives the opponents chance to figure out the lethal move and kill you already.

Players will confront each other with a deck of 12 cards. Each player that places cards on the table will gain access to three different worlds: Wakanda, Knowhere, and Sinister London. These areas have varying effects on the player and opponent, which can be useful or challenging. To win the game, the player must take control of at least two of the three places. Notably, the game features over 50 randomly generated locations throughout the game. At the end of the game, you will receive Cosmic Cubes. If they believe they have a chance to win, they can simply Snap to double the number of cosmic cubes available.
For this game, Second Dinner partnered with Nuverse, owned by TikTok developer ByteDance and Marvel Entertainment. The free-to-play Marvel Snap is available on PC and mobiles, and from today, the users can sign up for a limited beta test on Android devices.