Indie game studio Singular Scheme’s debut game ‘Miner’s Mettle’ expected to launch in April

Mumbai based gaming studio Singular Scheme is going to make their debut in the Indian gaming industry with their first official game launch, Miner’s Mettle.

Singular Scheme managing director Ahad Oomerbhoy

The game is expected to launch in April 2021. In conversation with AnimationXpress  Singular Scheme managing director Ahad Oomerbhoy expressed, “We’ve been working on Miner’s Mettle for almost four years now, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done on it. Miner’s Mettle has been praised a lot for being unique and innovative and we hope that on release, players will enjoy a new experience and see the passion and hard work we’ve put into the game.”

According to Oomerbhoy, Miner’s Mettle is an artillery-based real-time strategy PC game. “We’ve blended two genres to create a unique experience. Players will need to have good aim but also think tactically in order to succeed,” he added.

The game is set in the distant future where humanity has spread across the stars but space travel is still slow, expensive and dangerous. Oomerbhoy shared, “On an isolated mining planet, a new mineral is discovered. Over time they realise it could be used as a fuel for space travel, making it much faster, cheaper and safer. At the same time the value of the mineral rockets and all the factions on the mining planet want to collect as much of it as they can.”

The game is currently available on Steam’s early access since May 2020 and players can try  their hand at it. The full version of the game will launch next month and according to Oomerbhoy, “The main addition will be the single player campaign, which follows the story of Roland, an ex-artillery officer working at his cousin’s company when war breaks out. Roland has to make some tough decisions and we explore the world of Pentum (the planet they’re on) and the four different factions that are in the game, in detail.”

The gameplay seems quite interesting, as a player could control a group of advanced artillery trains that can be customised with various abilities. The player’s goal in the game should be collecting and transporting the resources while disrupting the opponents who are doing the same thing. Collect resources, build facilities, research new technologies and drive their opponents off the rails.

The game was built on the Unreal Engine, and the artists primarily used Blender to create the art assets. He shared that his experience of using Unreal Engine has been great from a technical standpoint; “it allows us to do things that we couldn’t think of with other engines. And the support from Epic India has also been very good; Sameer Pitalwala and Quentin StaesPolet have been very generous with their time and help,” he stated.




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