Peculiarities of betting on esports

To make winning bets on esports, you need to take into account several factors that affect the results of events. Each video game has its own unique rules. For example, in CS:GO, the team that kills the required number of opponents wins, and in most strategies, you need to destroy the enemy’s army or capture the enemy’s base. In India, esports is the most popular game after football. y the way, we recommend Betwinner app download. To prepare a high-quality forecast, it is desirable to gain at least minimal experience in the game. Even if you only play at an amateur level, it will be useful for esports prediction.

How to analyze matches

To obtain stable winnings from betting on esports, one should take into account the history of personal meetings, the current form of opponents, tournament position, motivation, changes in team composition and other aspects. At top tournaments, all matches are held in one place over the local network. In less prestigious competitions, players do not necessarily gather together. Each participant of the match can play even from his home.

Markets are available

Each e-sports discipline has its own unique results, on which the bookmaker accepts bets. But there are several betting options that can be considered common to all esports disciplines:

  • the main results – victory in the match or on the map;
  • handicap – a handicap in favor of the outsider to equalize the odds;
  • first blood – the first kill in the match;
  • total – the duration of the match or individual card;
  • long-term results – winning a tournament, MVP, etc.

Most bookmakers accept bets on esports in India even in live mode. The ability to watch live broadcasts helps to make the most accurate predictions.

How to make a bet?

To bet on esports, you need to select the desired competitions and matches in the line of the bookmaker. The results must be added to the bet coupon by clicking on the corresponding coefficients. In the coupon, it is necessary to specify the amount of the bet and determine the type of bet (ordinary, express, system). Placed bets on esports are added to the overall betting history. Usually, betting takes a few seconds. You can withdraw the received money or use it to make other bets with the bookmaker.

The subtleties of betting on esports

In fact, betting on esports is not much different from betting on football, tennis, or hockey: the same coefficients, the same types of bets. It is better to bet on esports on those disciplines in which there is at least minimal experience of the game. When analyzing matches, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • indicators of individual players;
  • tournament motivation;
  • current form;
  • disqualifications and changes in lineups, etc.

In some games, the outcome of matches depends only on the skill of one player, in others teamwork and the ability to interact come to the fore. Unlike football or basketball matches, statistics for esports events are more difficult to find. Dozens of tournaments are held every month, but detailed information is only available for the largest competitions. Despite this, before placing a bet with a bookmaker, it is necessary to analyze as many available sources as possible, to study the official websites of teams and tournaments.


Which type of esports to choose for betting?

It will be best to bet on matches from the esports discipline in which you have at least minimal amateur game experience. This will help to understand the types of bets and understand how the winner of a particular match turns out.

How often do esports bets appear on the line?

Unlike traditional sports, esports is not seasonal. This means that esports tournaments are held almost all year round. Recently, the frequency of tournaments is only increasing.

How to bet on esports?

The procedure for placing a bet is no different from betting on other sports. You need to find the desired matches in the line, choose the type of bet and specify the amount to bet.


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