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Amazon Prime Video releases the first teaser trailer of ‘Paper Girls’

In 2020, the streaming platform Amazon Prime had announced that it will be officially adapting Paper Girls, a six-volume comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. Amazon Prime Video has dropped the first teaser trailer of the science fiction drama series Paper Girls

The teaser trailer briefly focuses on the four young lead actresses along with cryptic voice-over lines.

Paper Girls is set in 1988 and revolves around four young girls who deliver paper and during one of their usual runs when they are delivering paper on the morning after Halloween, they are caught in the middle of a fight between time travellers. The girls are from then on sent on an epic adventure to save the world and they come in contact with various versions of themselves as they travel between the present, the past and the future. 

Paper Girls stars Sofia Rosinsky, Riley Lai Nelet, Camryn Jones and Fina Strazza along with Ali Wong in a crucial role. 

Amazon Studios and Legendary Television have produced Paper Girls in association with Plan B. The executive producers of the show are Christopher C. Rogers and Christopher Cantwell, Rogers is also the showrunner. The release date of the series hasn’t been announced yet. 

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