Trailer for ‘Dragons Rescue Rider: Heroes of the Sky’ season three out, to release on 19 May

Dragons Rescue Rider: Heroes of the Sky is back with season three and will be exclusively available on the streaming platform Peacock from 19 May 2022. The series is set in the viking and dragon world, Huttsgalor, based on the adventures of viking twins Dak and Leyla who were rescued and raised by the dragons and while growing up they learned to speak dragons’ language.

The creators of the series have released the trailer of the third season, in that the dragons are seen to be taking training and the emphasis is on making new friends, celebrating teamwork and learning to fly high. In the new season, the Rescue Riders, along with Dak and Leyla venture into the Sunken City of Valantis in a race to grab the alpha crystals before Magnus. They will also help their aquatic dragon to escape from his underwater bullies and help some new dragon to start their own rescue team just in time to celebrate Nest Day at Huttsgalor with all of them.

The voice artists that have worked in this series are: Nicolas Cantu as Dak, Brennley Brown as Leyla, Carlos Alazraqui as Duggard ,Moira Quirk as Hannahr, Roshon Fegan as Elbone, Brad Grusnick as Magnus, Tara Strong as Vizza, Zach Callison as Winger, Skai Jackson as Summer, Noah Bentley as Burple, Andre Robinson as Cutter, Marsai Martin as Aggro, and the guest stars include Paul-Mikel Williams as Surge, Tara Strong as Sparkle and Charlie Saxton as Whiffy.

Jack Thomas is the executive producer of the show, who also works on the regular show Dragons: Race to the Edge and Brian Roberts is the co-executive producer known for Veggie Tales.