Powerkids partners with Bonelli Entertainment to adapt SBE comics universe into animated content

Sergio Bonelli Editore (SBE), Italy’s popular comic publisher, with a dedicated arm called Bonelli Entertainment, and Powerkids Entertainment, a children’s animation company, are partnering to jointly unlock the expandable SBE comics universe for a wide range of kids’ animated adaptations.

The partnership kicks off with one of SBE’s bestselling comics, Dragonero created by Luca Enoch and Stefano Vietti. SBE, Powerkids, Rai S.p.A. through Rai Ragazzi and Nexus TV are currently co-producing the first season of the animated Dragonero series. Powerkids will be responsible for global distribution, licensing and merchandising.

Sergio Bonelli Editore head of property business development and Bonelli Entertainment Vincenzo Sarno executive producer commented, “Togetherness, for me, means teamwork. We are very proud of our vast slate of comic books that have entertained generations and are distributed across the globe. Now, we want to bring our legends to life through animation to entertain both existing and a new generations of viewers. We want to more broadly share the wonderful universe of SBE. Dragonero is just the beginning and there is so much more to come in this fantasy universe but for this legendary first project thanks to Rai, co-producer and Italian broadcaster, and Powerkids. We are very excited to partner with Powerkids, to develop and bring these characters, comic books, and stories to life. We are confident that our partnership will be an incredible success given the experience and long track record of Powerkids’ management team.”

Powerkids CEO Manoj Mishra said, “We are thrilled to initiate this partnership with Bonelli Entertainment. We are humbled and excited that they have trusted us to bring these amazing stories and iconic characters to life through animation. These amazing adventures combined with our years of experience in co-production, and global distribution will bring pleasure to audiences around the world. We have very exciting plans for our partnership and it has been a real pleasure working with the dynamic and dedicated team of Bonelli Entertainment.”

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