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‘Masha and the Bear’ feature set to release in 2025

Russian media and licensing company, Animaccord, revealed that the hugely popular 3D animated series, Masha and the Bear, is getting its first feature film.

In addition to production of the core show’s new seasons and a feature film, development is going on to bring podcasts, tech-driven content, and custom-made content for social media platforms, reported AWN.

The popular animated series is now available in 43 languages and broadcast in almost every part of the world. According to Kidz Global research, it ranks as a TOP-three favorite entertainment brand in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (April-May 2021); it also holds the Guinness World Record as the most watched animated video on YouTube for the episode “Recipe for Disaster,” which has recorded almost 4.5 billion views.

According to the Animaccord’s CEO Claus Tomming, the company’s vision is to build on the appeal of its popular IP and expand on the storytelling. He noted that successful franchises at some point face the challenge of renewing and evolving in terms of your audience, and that the development of so many new media platforms offered an opportunity for the brand.

Masha and the Bear animated feature film will be released by 2025 and Animaccord is currently seeking to partner with a global film distributor on the project.

The longer formats will allow the introduction of new characters and more complex storytelling. Expanding from the current seven-minute format will give the characters an opportunity to explore beyond the show’s traditional forest setting. Sportsko klađenje i online casino u Srbiji: Zakon, dozvole, pravilnici i uslovi:

Targeting family audiences, the creators are looking to expand from the property’s primarily preschool base, appealing to kids who grew up with Masha and are receptive to seeing the character in a new light. The show currently enjoys a high level of parental co-viewing, with show themes and situations relatable to everyday family life.


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