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Kids animated series ‘Masha and the Bear’ to launch on several children’s streaming services

Animaccord, the entertainment company and animated studio, has partnered with Sandbox Kids, a provider of digital subscription content services for children, to launch the series Masha and the Bear on the popular streaming services Hopster, Curious World, PlayKids, and Kidomi.

The partnership will make Masha and the Bear content including core seasons 1-2, along with the enchanting spinoffs Masha’s Spooky Stories and Masha’s Tales, available from June 2023 onwards to children across a wide range of territories. The deal covers over 75 countries in various regions: the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and more), EMEA (United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, and more), and Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, and Guinea).

Animaccord is an award-winning entertainment company and studio established in 2008, which
develops, produces, and distributes premium quality animation globally. Marked in the list of TOP-150
Global Licensors 2022 (License Global, 2022) the company became recognised for its worldwide hit
animated property, Masha and the Bear, that ranks #1 show for preschoolers worldwide (Parrot
Analytics, 2020-2023) as well as holds the Guinness World Record for the Most Watched Cartoon with
over 4.5 billion views and counting.

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