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Govt. of Karnataka & ABAI to organize AVGC Summit on 15– 16 Sep 2011

abai-1  abai2The Department of IT, BT & ST Govt. of Karnataka and the Association of Bangalore Animation Industry (ABAI) has joined hands for the second consecutive year, to extend their co-operation for the real benefit of the AVG industry. The unique Summit on Animation, Visual Effects & Gaming featuring the leadership of the industry – KAVG SUMMIT 2011 is being organised by on 15th & 16th September 2011. The venue of the Summit will be the Nimhans Convention Center at Wilson Garden, Bangalore.

“This Summit will serve to strengthen the Government‘s initiatives for the fast growth of the AVG industry in Karnataka and to ensure the State to be a leader in the Indian scenario”, said M. N. Vidyashankar, Principal Secretary of IT & BT & ST Govt. of Karnataka. “We have seen an overwhelming growth in the visual effects, gaming & animation industry and are proud that the State is now contributing to some of the world‘s best products in this area”, he added.

The Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming & Comics Industry in India has achieved a significant growth over the past few years with a CAGR of 26% during 2006-2010 and is now INR 646 billions (2010) as established by PWC.

Karnataka has become a strong value proposition in the Indian AVGC landscape and is rapidly becoming the preferred destination for International & Local Initiative in this space. Many of the major international and local players have set up shop and some of the world‘s top productions are produced in Bangalore.

“We are sure that with the support of the Government, Bangalore will continue to grow not only in its present eminence in serving Hollywood, but will also start partnering with regional and local initiatives”, said Biren Ghose, Chairman of ABAI.

“The aim of the summit is to foster the development and growth of the industry and provide an active confluence of thought between industry, government, academia, technology & the investment community”, said Balakrishna, President of ABAI. “A policy initiative of the Government of Karnataka is likely to be discussed and articulated at this summit”, he added.

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