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BlareMob uses animation in their VIP Mix for 2019 original single ‘Nightlong’

BlareMob, Keshav Bhardwaj (aka Klipr) and Himanshu Chhabra duo are back and they are putting out the official VIP Mix for their 2019 original single Nightlong. This new edit presents itself as a varied festival version of the original track, which perfectly fusions melody, energy, and euphoric harmonies.
It takes advantage of the great melodic synths from the last version, and vocal harmonies add a new feeling with a lot of movement in the track. The new elements in this version are sure to level up the energy of the listeners with the solid and well-balanced drop after a powerful build-up. 
Speaking on the VIP Mix Nightlong, Streamin’ Music Group founder and CEO Bhardwaj said, “All this while during lockdown the brand has focused on creating its signature sound and style in the industry. While we were switching and developing vibes, we got inspired to redo couple of our old tracks and see how far we have come.”
Himanshu Chhabra and Keshav Bhardwaj
With many animated musicals seen in the recent times, there sure seems to be a huge scope for the industry with animation. The treatment given to the music album or single largely depends on the overall concept and vibe of the song. However, Bhardwaj thinks that animation does add a special element that makes it easy to convey what the song is about. 
“Animation is already a big thing when it comes to music. The combination of the human element and animation creates a unique experience for the viewers,” he added.
The team at Streamin’ Music Group (SMG) does value futuristic concepts and animation surely helps create infinite possibilities, mentioned Bhardwaj.
BlareMob is a New Delhi-based electronic and EDM DJ/producer group.  It has garnered significant attention from both fans and critics in the past with the release of singles like, Diamond, Stabbed and Nightlong.
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