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Animax to launch ‘Emma – A Victorian Romance’ on 14 February

nullAnimax will be launching a new series Emma – A Victorian Romance – on 14 February at 7 pm.

Emma – A Victorian Romance, has been created by director Tsuneo Kobayashi (Midori Days, Twelve Kingdoms). It is a tumultuous, heartfelt story of Emma and William Jones; one rich and the other poor who have nothing in common but love.

Set in the days of Victorian charm, Emma is a young maid who works for Kelly Stowner, a former governess, in Victorian London.

One day, Stowner’s former student William Jones pays her a visit at her residences. Unexpectedly, William ends up falling in love with the beautiful and soft-spoken Emma, and she with him.

As William and Emma fall deeper in love, their social status set them firmly apart.

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