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2D animated sequel to Gulliver‘s Travels by Fountain Pixels

Living up to its reputation of churning out titles at a prolific rate, Pune based Fountain Pixels has recently completed the sequel to its Gulliver‘s Travels (Home Video) which is slated to release in the first week of April.

The 45 minute 2D animated feature which took close to two months was worked on by 12 artists.

nullIn the sequel Gulliver boards a ship built by the Lilliputians and leaves the island and later gets transferred to a ship which belongs to the enemy‘s spy department in which Robert, captain of the enemy ship, hatches various plots to kill Gulliver.

Coincidentally two tiny little Lilliputian soldiers accidentally land on the same ship along with Gulliver and come to know of the evil plan made by the Captain of the enemy ship. The two brave Lilliputian Soldiers, Alec & Steve; bail out Gulliver from the several attempts made on his life by Robert to destroy him.

nullOn Being asked about the technical challenges, Rahul Gadiya, MD, Fountain Pixels shared with Animation, “As the story‘s central characters are Liliputs and the others average humans, the was major challenge was staging and camera angles along with maintaining the relative proportions. Thinking of a variety of backgrounds for the ship was a major task as well.”

Adding to the entertainment is a ball room dance sequence accompanied by piano, violin, guitar and others. At the end of this sequel Gulliver, Alec and Steve jump out of the enemy‘s ship to rescue themselves.

Rahul added, “It‘s interesting to work on projects such as this in which the characters are familiar to the audience while the rest of the story is original. We at Fountain Pixels have developed the entire concept of Gulliver 2 and are also planning on creating a third sequel to it.”

With a sizeable number of animated titles in its kitty, Fountain Pixels has established a firm ground in creating IP and sequels and is well on the road to continue doing so.

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