August 5-2013
Vertex Volt Delivers 500 VFX shots for ‘Rabba Main Kya Karoon’

Vertex Volt, a well known studio for its creativity and entertainment world, has delivered 500 VFX shots for the romantic movie ‘Rabba Main Kya Karoon’ which released 2nd August. As this film is full of romance and humor, at the same time, Amrit Sagar, Director of ‘Rabba Main Kya Karoon’ decided to boost up the scenes by adding strong VFX sequences after signing up a deal with Vertex Volt.

This studio sportingly took up this project and added effects like Chroma shots, conversion from day to night sequence, wire removal, Rig Removal, Body replacement. It started its VFX work on the movie from February 2013, winded up the post production within 3 1/2 weeks time span with completing the project within four months.

In order to get a detailed insight about the VFX done,’s Nicole Fernandes interacted with Hardik Gajjar, VFX Supervisor, Vertex Volt and he claims that Chroma shots, Matte paintings and Wire/ Rig removal shots, have been efficiently edited using upgraded pipeline at their studio.

Sharing more on this, Hardik Gajjar, says, “Many shots required a great amount of match moving and CG elements in it, which was achieved without using Milo camera.” Taking into consideration the above statement, the team was confident enough to work on the CG Planes and CG Blasts and adding a magical VFX touch.

In order to fill the curiosity space, Vertex Volt also indicated the two prime challenges faced during the execution of certain shots. Hardik Gajjar, specifies more here, “There’s a song called ‘Khulla Sand’ in which the lead role ‘Akash’; can see his own imaginary play boy side asking him to become a Khulla Sand and enjoy every moment. Our team of 40 artists created double shots by the composition of CG plane in the visual background in few of the plane shots.”

Another sequence in this movie that one needs to notice is when Tinu Anand goes into a flash back and recollects his memories of being a young bodybuilder and this sequence was composited using the plate shoot of a body builder.

Moving on to the Color scheme and the visual representation of the shots, Vertex Volt didn’t turn its back towards instilling an innovative touch to it.

Robin Gala, Assistant VFX Supervisor, says, “As Rabba Main Kya Karoon’ is an easy-going movie with lot of comedy inputs, we preferred to keep the color scheme pep and vibrant, which would give a warm feel to the scene as well as even soothing to the eyes of the audience.”

In accordance with the genre needs of the movie, this studio has been able to add visually effective punches to the movie and converted into a realistic vision.