Thought Cloud Studio

Thought cloud studio is a spark of imagination and inspiration. A sprightly animation company based out of Bangalore, India, where animation technology interweaves with the art of storytelling.

We are looking at the following artists to join us:

Storyboard Artist

Animation Directors are responsible for the quality of the animation, for keeping it on brief and for delivering consistent performances by assigning, or casting, the appropriate Animators. They interpret the brief from the Director and other relevant departments. They then guide, supervise and review the work produced by the Animators and Assistant Animators. They need to understand the implications of performance, style, quality, continuity .They are responsible for keeping the animation on model (in style) throughout the production. They often provide the main liaison between the animation department and those who are involved in the later stages of the production process.

2d Matte Painting Artist

We are looking for professional BG Painters to work on a brand new 2D animate series for television. Responsibilities are to take the approved BG layouts and apply all the final colors, textures and details to render the finished BG art for each episode. While working closely with the BG Supervisor, you will use the color keys as reference to producing final BGs.

Previous experience with painting in Photoshop is necessary.

Character Design artist

Create concept illustrations for characters, clothing, environments, and 2d models. Develop quick sketches and high level concepts during pre-production stages. Produce detailed full color concepts from multiple angles during production stages. Modify and iterate on concepts based on artistic feedback. Expertise in illustration with a keen eye for shading, color, composition, and a proven ability to create cartoony artwork.Comfortable using modern 2D illustration software such as Photoshop.Understand the needs and workflow of 2D flash animation with the ability to develop detailed, useful production concepts.Motivated self-starter with exceptional creativity and strong communication skills.

2d Compositors

Compositors are responsible for constructing the final image by combining layers of previously-created material. They work at the end of the production process. They receive material from various sources including rendered computer animation, special effects, graphics, 2D animation, and static background plates.They creatively combine all the elements into the final image, ensuring that the established style of the project is respected and continuity is maintained. To achieve this they enhance the lighting, match blacks and other color levels, add grain where required, add motion blur where required, and create convincing shadows. They make sure levels combine together seamlessly, keying, rot scoping and creating mattes where necessary.


4+ experiences

Good team player

Passion for creating quality animation

Positive attitudes

Job Location: Bangalore

Interested candidates, kindly share your resume at


Contact:  9591503529