Silver Ant PPI

Silver Ant PPI (SAPPI) being a production arm for two long-standing studios, engages in multiple award winning projects.  Past awards include Transformers Prime (Daytime Emmy Award Winner; Annie Award Winner), Transformers Robots in Disguise (Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program Nomination), Lost in Oz Extended Adventure (Daytime Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Animated Program) and many others.

This is accredited to our world-class technology, infrastructure, proprietary tools and extensive training programs provided by industry veterans from Polygon Pictures and Silver Ant.

Unlike anything in Malaysia, we believe this makes SAPPI a perfect work environment for aspiring artists to gain skills and experience necessary to succeed in this industry

1.Position: Animator

We need highly motivated creative artists with a range of experience to help define the visual language of our shows. You would be working to realize the director’s vision and bring life to characters.

Location: Selangor, Malaysia


  • Must be able to plan schedules, commit to deliverables and achieve goals within regular milestones and deadlines.
  • Ability to work with strict deadlines and to precisely quantify volumes of work
  • Ensure an open communication flow between animation team and other related teams at large.
  • Determine the best method of completing tasks that fall within the scope of normal responsibilities.
  • Continually refine processes for animation production to increase productivity for the animation team.
  • Ability to give and take direction well.


  • 5+ years or more experience.
  • 2+ years as a Lead or Senior Animator preferable.
  • Should be able to work in a range of styles, from humorous/cartoony to semi-realistic, and can maintain the appropriate style over the course of a project.
  • Proven Key Framing Knowledge and Skill set.
  • Experience with Motion Capture Data is a plus.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills and ability to manage stressful situations.
  • Must have a positive attitude and be a team player.
  • Basic knowledge of cinematography a plus.
  • Must have worked on at least one international TV show or feature film at a Senior or Lead animator position.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Expert knowledge of basic animation principles: timing, dynamics & body mechanics.
  • Good with layouts and camera staging.
  • Stay current on industry trends in animation, rigging, modelling, texturing.


  • A strong understanding of the fundamentals of traditional animation.
  • Knowledge of MEL/Python scripting a plus.
  • Acting skills.
  • If you love anime, its a plus!

Interested candidate, please send your updated resume and latest demoreel link to

For more information, please visit our website

2.Position: Systems Engineer

We seek an internal network / system engineer to work at our office in Malaysia.

You shall hold a wide range of responsibilities, from the on-site network/server-related infrastructure and system environment design and architecture to operation and management. You shall be the point of contact for local system support, and shall be responsible for troubleshooting daily issues on-site, workstation set-up, and problem-solving that requires specialized technical knowledge of networks, including servers and infrastructure. So that you will be able to proceed with work in close communication with the Japan office as well, we will ask you to escalate any problems that cannot be solved locally to the Japan side in order to address them. Depending on your skill level and experience, this position brings the possibility of promotion to local system manager.

Work Responsibilities:

  • Overall maintenance of the entire system-related environment: network / server / management of mail environment / architecture / security / operation / support and software installation / user support, etc. This includes internal requests from the Japan office, as well as from the local Malaysian office, so you shall maintain communication with the local and area staff as you work.
  • Workstation (client PC) maintenance and troubleshooting: you shall be responsible for handling issues, similarly to a help-desk, at the local office.
  • Standardization of work flow: Once you have begun to smoothly handle the responsibilities above, we shall ask you to propose ways of improving work or tasks, and to participate in standardization, optimization and management.

Work Environment:

  • There are about 100 client PCs. You shall be responsible for the management and operation of servers which manage client accounts, Windows updates, etc., as well as servers which manage virtual environments, storage servers. Also, servers and client PCs on the network connect locally, and you shall be responsible for operation and management of this as well.
  • You shall work with the existing Systems Engineer to hold a wide range of responsibilities related to servers and systems.


  • It will be necessary for you to communicate closely with the Japan office regarding issues like the following. Communication with Japan will basically be conducted via email and teleconferencing.
  • Handling technical requests from the R&D team (a technical development team for software for the creation of computer graphics) at the Japan office: You shall provide technical support for the introduction, on the Malaysian side, of CG creation tools developed in the Japan office, etc.
  • Consultations regarding the presently existing system and infrastructure environment at the Malaysian site: While you shall be responsible for everything from the environment architecture to the operation and management of the local site system, the infrastructure, servers, etc., have been designed mainly by staff in the Japan office, so at the start, for deeper technical issues and projects regarding infrastructure, servers and networks, you shall be responsible for finding solutions after consulting with local suppliers, the Japan office, etc.

Necessary Experience:

  • Experience with PC set-up or an in-house help desk
  • Experience with network/server design, architecture and operation (5+ years)
  • Good communication skills in English
  • Work experience in a CG studio, or knowledge of video production is a plus.
  • Interest in the animation and video production industry is a plus.

3. Position: Modeling Supervisor

We are looking for talented and experienced Modeling & Texturing Supervisor who is able to work on shows that need high end characters, background sets and textures.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Scope of work includes both Modeling and Texturing.
  • Plan schedules, commit to deliverables and manage modeling team to achieve goals within regular milestones and deadlines.
  • Must be able to track tasks throughout a show.
  • Ability to work with strict deadlines and to precisely quantify volumes of work.
  • Determine the best method of completing tasks that fall within the scope of normal responsibilities.
  • Ability to give and take direction well.
  • Ability to create high-detail or cartoony models and unwrap UV’s in Maya.
  • Paint textures in Photoshop, Mari, Zbrush or Mudbox.
  • Follow our studio/production pipeline, workflow and keep scenes clean and organized.
  • Prioritize and revise work based on direction from directors.

Must Haves

  • At least 5 years of experience with Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop in feature film, games, or similar projects.
  • Must include 2+ years as a Modleing Supervisor.
  • Full understanding of technical character modelling to aid rigging (good topology, edge flow and anatomical proportions).
  • A thorough understanding of creating efficient location and prop models for a shot pipeline

    (subdivision, instancing etc).

  • Work with a team of modelers and texturers, be resposible for team building and team management.
  • Demonstrated team management skills.
  • Ability to appreciate things of beauty.
  • Motivation to learn, spare no effort.
  • Time-management skills to meet the deadlines.
  •   Good communication skills in English.

We prefer

  • Experience with Mari, MudBox, Modo, Maya nHair, Xgen.
  • Knowledge of Python (and/or MEL).
  • Experience with Shotgun (or other asset tracking systems).
  • Experience in high-end cinematic movies.
  • Please submit showreel demonstrating their ability to model, wireframe and texture photo-real creatures, characters, props or environments with shading and lighting.

Interested candidate, please send your updated resume and latest demo reel link to

For more information, please visit our website