June 18-2018
Rotomaker Academy

Rotomaker Academy (RMA), came into being in the year 2008, is the brainchild of Mike Yatham. Who is also a Founder of Indias leading VFX outsourcing company called Rotomaker VFX.​

Courses offered:

The Academy delivers training in VFX Rotoscopy, VFX Paint, Visual Effects, Graphic design, Cleaning, Match Move and more. Each and every course has been designed and developed with more focus on what this growing industry requires and how it will bloom up in future.

By enrolling in the course training at the Rotomaker Academy, candidates bring themselves much closer to finding job opportunities they may yearn for. Yes, right after completion of the course, candidates can be sure of bagging a 100% placement. In Rotomaker VFX, which can help them kick-start their career with job placement programs organized by the academy, candidates can embark on high-pay career opportunities. So far, the academy has helped as many as 500+ candidates in getting their dream job in the field of Visual Effects.

The Academy is backed up with a team of trainers who have got years of experience in imparting Visual Effects training that eventually crafts for candidates route to success in their career.

Currently, the Academy has branches at Moula Ali and Ameerpet in Hyderabad. Other branches are present in Guntur, Vijayawada, Chennai, and Gannavaram. The academy is planning to establish training institutions in other major cities in India to

So far, Rotomaker has worked on a large number of movies which include not just Bollywood but also Hollywood. Some of the movies Rotomaker worked on include Bollywood Movies (Padmavati, Sultan, Happy New Year, Neeraja etc.),   Tollywood Movies ( Bahubali, Dhamarukam, Manam, Spyder and more) and Hollywood  Movies (Kung Fu Panda, Jumanji, Dracula, Spider-Man, King Arthur,Deadpool, Game of Thrones and more).

If you have raw talent and have got aspirations if you are looking forward to making a career out of Visual Effects and creativity. Then look no further. Get in touch with the Rotomaker Academy.

If you are looking for VFX (Visual Effects) training and placements please contact us 7680005000. Please search our website www.rotomakeracademy.com