HMX logoHMX is a creative partner and industry leading resource for Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) based in London and Pune. We offer benchmark standards for quality and efficiency, blending our unique technological capabilities with the diverse creative talent within our production studio.

We are the creators of Studio Infinity and Infinity RT technologies – ground-breaking platforms for on-demand image creation and interactive real-time 3D visualization. In conjunction with these solutions our team offers services across the entire project lifecycle, including creative direction, high-end 3D visualizations, animation, visual effects, motion design, live action film and photography, post production, stills retouching, and interactive application development.

We are looking at the following artists to join us;


1) Lighting Artist (CODE: LA)

Experience  :  2 to 3+ Years


  • Proficient in creating realistic lighting setups.
  • Excellent knowledge of Mental Ray shading network.
  • Experience in HDRI based lighting.
  • Prior knowledge of physically accurate render engines Octane , Arnold…

2) Look Dev Artists (CODE: LDA)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 2 Years


  • Knowledge of Maya Hypershade.
  • Understanding of Physically correct shaders.
  • Know-how of Texturing and UV techniques.

Prior experience of Octane Render or Mental Ray with Mia and Mia X shaders will be an added advantage

3) Texturing Artist (CODE: TA)

EXPERIENCE:  1 to 4 Years


  • A full working knowledge of Mari is important.
  • Texture paint 3-D objects within Maya, Photoshop, and Mari.
  • Create photorealistic/seamless textures for mapping onto 3-D objects.
  • Create supporting maps eg :- bump, displacement, specular, transparency, etc.
  • UV unwrapping skills a plus.

4) 3D Modeling Artist (CODE: 3DM)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 3 years


  • Excellent polygon modelling skills in Maya.
  • Ability to model highly detailed and mid polygon 3d models
  • Working with CAD can be an advantage

5) Motion graphics and compositing Artist (CODE: MGCA)

EXPERIENCE:  1 to 4 years


  • The core of role will be motion graphics/editing/compositing.
  • Proficient in After Effects animating typography and illustrations.
  • Ability to do CG Compositing with multiple passes.
  • Good knowledge of AE effects and plug-ins.
  • Good command over English language to understand projects.

6) ReTouch Artist (CODE: RA)



  • Working experience in Photoshop.
  • Experience in Retouching, Compositing, and Colour correction of raw photography.
  • Good eye to detail.

7)  3D Animation Artist (CODE: 3DA)

EXPERIENCE:  0 to 2 years


  • Good understanding of animation timing graph editor and tangents.
  • Creativity to visualise out of the box camera angles and animations.
  • Good command over English language to understand storyboards.
  • Right attitude and quick learner.

To apply, you can:

Make sure you specify the position code you are applying for in the Subject of your mail

For Eg. :-  

LA Applying for Lighting Artist

LDA Applying for Look Development Artist

TA Applying for Texturing Artist

3DM Applying for Modeling Artist 

MGCA Applying for Motion Graphics & Compositing Artist

RA Applying for Retouch Artist             

3DA Applying for Animation artist


  • Visit our studio to hand over a hard copy of your resume and demo reel.

Note: Demo reel link is important

Who ever had applied before should reapply as we select artist on their current skills.

Our salary structure is highly competitive and commensurate with experience.

For any queries contact us at 020-65210035.