July 5-2018

Fabelizer develops children’s content for digital platforms with a special focus on smartphones. Our mission is to create heroes for children who embody strong values like friendship, generosity, honesty and courage. All of our heroes will be children in the same age group as our target audience aged between 3 & 8 years.  Young viewers will be able follow the adventures of our superheroes across various platforms, including longer episodes on Youtube, short web-clips on our OTT platform, and swipe-a-comic digital books on the Kindle store. Values such as friendship and courage will be crucial to each superhero’s success, teaching kids important life lessons in ways that are fun and engaging. Fabelizer hopes this innovative concept will be a turning point in children’s entertainment, prompting more providers to ask how their content can have a positive impact on young viewers. For more information about Fabelizer, please check us out online at www.Fabelizer.com

Location: Pune Kalyani Nagar

Production manager


Oversee production progress and follow through to the delivery of each film Oversee milestones and production reporting. Set standards. Create budget and schedule, set-up, and establish teams in development Work in conjunction with the VFX Supervisor and Finance Lead Ensure communication among departments via production meetings and any other meetings deemed necessary Ensure that all production data and metrics are tracked via Animation Tools or inter-company tools Oversee staff, delegating duties, reinforcing consistency and ensuring follow-through Develop and maintain crew morale Deliver feedback to direct reports, ensuring excellence is fostered and acknowledged; participate in and support the feedback process Insure that all production materials are properly recorded and tracked


2 to 3 years minimum industry experience Bachelor’s degree in film / animation or equivalent

Preferred Qualifications:

Strong organization skills Strong communication skills Must have the ability to prioritize tasks at hand, able to analyze and assess all phases production Capable of broad strategic thinking and budgeting for 2D, CG and or stop motion animation production as well as able to departmentally focus Successful partnerships with Artistic Leadership Clear understanding of the principles of 2D, CG and or stop motion animation production Demonstrated success engaging in problem-solving techniques

Video Editor/Animator

Job Responsibilities:
  • An enthusiastic artist who loves comic books and animated videos.
  • Having 2 years of experience in editing on software’s like Storyboard pro or Afterfx, Adobe premiere/FCP.
  • Having knowledge of animation in Photoshop software will be an advantage.
  • An experience of 2 years in Animation softwares like toonboom harmony or flash.
  • Candidates with the experience of only Editing softwares or Only Animation softwares can also apply.
  • Experience in both Editing and animation will be an advantage.
Job Qualifications:
  • Knowledge and proficient working with Toon Boom Harmony
  • Character rigging skills
  • Strong time-management skills
  • Ability to draw in the style of production
  • Ability to take directions
  • Work well under pressure and deadline
  • Ability to multitask
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Maintain confidentiality over all matters and proprietary information

Comic Book Illustrator and Designer

We are looking for Creative Designers and Illustrator for children story & comic book designing with an experience of 3 years.

  • Strong portfolio in children book / Comic books designing,
  • Strong sense of Poster designing for Comic books
  • Must have an outstanding visualisation and designing sense
  • Deep understanding of children appealing designs
  • Working experience in children book designing space
  • Working experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator latest versions
  • Knowledge of web designing and social media advertising will be an added advantage
  • Fine Arts degree from a renowned institute.

Company Website:  www.Fabelizer.com

All applications should be sent on the following email ID:

E-mail ID:  vibha.s@fabelizer.com,shripad@fabelizer.com