May 31-2019

BOTWe are looking for passionate and creative artists to join our team and experience what we believe is unique work culture. If challenges inspire you and if constant learning interests you, then apply at


  • Strong knowledge in tracking and 3D packages will be an advantage.
  • Analytical problem-solving skills, ability to use lidar/survey and photogrammetry models for camera Matchmove.
  • Good understanding of 3D camera principles like lenses, distortion, lens grids, parallax, types of the camera move, overscan.
  • Reasonable knowledge in terms of accurate reconstruction of 3D geometry based on shots,
  • understanding camera motion in 3D space, nudging camera move manually with logical motion.
  • Knowledge in basic animation and rotomation skills including working with rigs and ability to perform object tracking would be an added advantage.
  • Freshers/Minimum 1-2 years experience.(For Junior Level)
  • Minimum 2 years  work experience.(For Senior Level)


Junior/Mid level Artist:
  • 2 + years of rotomation experience on feature films, TV commercials
  • General proficiency with autodesk Maya and sound knowledge of animation techniques.
  • Ability to understand rigs/paint weight, maintain and update existing rigs as well.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the Matchmove artists.
  • Knowledge of basic animation and rotomation skills will be an added benefit.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in a team and autonomously
  • Knowledge in 3D Equalizer / Matchmove will be a big advantage.
Senior level Artists:
  • 4 + years of rotomation experience on feature films, TV commercials, Episodes.
  • General proficiency with autodesk Maya and excellent knowledge of animation techniques.
  • Will need to have the ability of understanding rigs/paint weight.
  • Knowledge in object tracking and need to work with a flawless perspective angle.
  • Effective communication, Strong organizational skill and ablitly to mentor the fellow artists.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skillsAbility to find out technical issues and problem  solving skills.
  • Knowledge in 3D Equalizer will be a big advantage.

2D Supervisor


Responsible for the 2D team (Comp, Prep and Roto team) of a production, he ensures compliance with quality standards and timelines established by the management of production and the client. The 2D Supervisor is part of the production team under the authority of the VFX Supervisor.

  • Supervises, from an esthetic and a technical point of view, each step of 2D department (R&D to final delivery of the projects), so as to ensure that it meets the concepts, the style, the quality of the production required for VFX projects and to the constraints of other departments
  • Follows the guidelines of the VFX Supervisor, the Producers and the clients and take all necessary means to ensure a good path
  • Working with  the  VFX  Supervisor,  the  Producers,  the  Production  Coordinators,  the Programmers and with other Supervisors of department or team to establish the production priorities and methods of work
  • Collaborates occasionally to evaluate projects and to establish production schedules for the
  • 2D departments from a technical and logistical support. The person must be capable of reading, decorticating and analyzing scripts
  • Ensures the quality and quantity of work performed by his team of dept leads:- Organizes work and distributes the tasks to his team members- Follows the progress of the work of his team- Ensures quality of work, meeting deadlines and the respect of priorities.
  • Participates, as necessary, to carry out himself certain plans or sequences
  • Communicates the necessary information on work progress to the VFX Supervisor and the

Lead Compositors


We are looking for Lead Compositors to join our growing studio in Chennai. Ideal candidates are able to guide jobs, have insane attention to detail and triumph in turning ordinary shots into art- directed masterpieces.

Pincipal Duties and Responsibilities as a Lead Compositor:
  • Take direction from the Compositing Supervisor to help realize the vision of the shots through the compositing team
  • Responsible  for  working  with  the  Compositing  Supervisor  to  assess,  assign  and  monitor compositing needs
  • Design  and  develop  procedural  and  innovative  tool  sets,  pipelines  and  techniques  for  the
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets on time and at a high level of quality
  • Offer guidance and mentoring for junior to mid level compositors
  • Clearly communicate progress and issues

Compositing tasks include blue/green screen pulls, 3D projection environment in Nuke, balancing and sometimes creating shadow elements, color correction, wire & rig removal, roto, dust-busting, morphs, transitions, background replacement, day-for-night, dry-for-wet and a host of other 2D issues.

Qualifications Include:
  • At least 8+ years experience in compositing digital VFX for film
  • Advanced demonstrated knowledge and production experience in Nuke
  • Must have strong knowledge of compositing workflow and the compositing application interface Must have strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
  • Experience with complex matte extractions and motion tracking
  • Ability to mentor coworkers

Senior Compositors:

  • Experience in handling simple to complex compositing tasks including 2D tracking, Blue/Green screen extractions, roto, and Cleanup work.
  • Good experience in Roto and Prep will be an added advantage.
  • Experience in compositing photorealistic images of high-quality and skills to composite 2D/3D elements with the input.
  • 5 years of experience in VFX production in a similar position.
  • Good working knowledge of Nuke software.
  • Developed artistic skills and a good eye, and good knowledge color, light (reflection, refraction, shadows), perspective and composition.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Work ethic focused on team effort, ability to perform multiple tasks, prioritize and solve problems.

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