Aum Animation Studio Pvt LTD

Aum Animation Studios Pvt LTD is situated in the coastal town of Mangalore – a place which is widely known for its rich culture and its sandy beaches.

Though relatively new, Aum Animation Studios has been honoured with several national and international awards for an animated TV show which we are currently working on. Global acclaim for us has been possible because of our team of dedicated artists who are focused on producing quality IP content. Currently, we are working on our IP show and with every episode, we are falling in love with the whole process of animation: the journey of an idea on paper till the final shot is set in motion. Thinking of joining us in the making? Well, you should read the below.

If you are here to seek a job which has a powerful designation, less stress and will allow you to have a peaceful life, then we are sorry to say we cannot offer you that. What we can offer instead is CHAOS.

The kind of chaos which breeds challenges and opportunities to learn and develop your creative skills. The chaos which will carry the imprints of self-motivated artists. Artists who are crazy enough to be a part of that chaos which doesn’t allow them to play safe, which makes them get out of their creative comfort zone rather than limiting themselves to seek for some fancy aspiring titles. If this sparks the interest of that crazy artist inside you who cares about the chaos that only art and artists can create, then we are HIRING.

Animators. 2D & 3D

Looking for artists who can deep dive into their creativity pool and bring characters and their stories to life using 2D or 3D medium. In a way, we are looking for actors, not the ones performing for a camera but the ones performing off it and are successful in replicating the desired emotions which completes the characters and their motives. We are looking for such committed animators, who can feel characters and make those characters felt.

CG Lighting Artist.

Looking for artists who understands and interacts with light and colour as a medium of expression and through creative experimentation fills the right mood adding further depth to a story, scene, characters and surroundings.

Interested artists, kindly forward your updated resume with demo reel to or call to 8317313780.