July 4-2018

Anibrain is an award winning VFX and Creative Studio specializing in creating stunning visuals for all screens.

In just over a decade we have partnered with film makers and leading VFX facilities globally to provide VFX services on over 150 international blockbusters. We are passionate about telling your story through breathtaking visuals that dazzle audiences the world over. It is no wonder then, the best in the business come to us for cooking up visual treats!

With our 700 people strong team in India, we provide our global clients with a partner who understands the complexities and creative challenges of modern day VFX.

Over the past decade, we have successfully collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers of our time to help deliver their vision onscreen and ignite the storytelling process.

And did we mention security? We take great pains to ensure that your data gets the attention it deserves. We work with studios to ensure that not only are we certified but are constantly training our staff to follow best practices.

Job Location: Kalyani Nagar, Pune


Software:: Nuke

  • Combines layers of previously created materials (e.g., rendered animation, special effects, graphics, live action, static background plates, roto and prep elements) to create final images that meet art direction
  • Integrates assigned aspects of foreground, mid-ground and background scenes to extend a set, scene, environment or effect and incorporates characters or digital objects into scenes
  • Keying of foreground, mid-ground and background elements (complex)
  • Creates seamless transition from filmed footage into composited content
  • Able to finish the tasks without any handholding/supervision
  • Need to come-up with technical/creative solutions
  • Able to grade and develop the look of the shot
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets on time
  • Is responsible for giving inputs for bidding and following the schedule of the work allocated to him/her

Tracking & Matchmove

Software:: 3D Equalizer, Maya

  • Captures camera movement to enable computer graphics geometry to fit accurately and convincingly into live action plates to create final images that meet art direction typically in a large feature film production environment.
  • Extracts camera motion information from, and measures key objects and positions in, live action shots and matches those movements in the 3D software environment.
  • Manipulates software camera to align objects and meet the physical dynamics of the scene.
  • Creates 3D geometry/environments, sets up and animates virtual camera to match live action background plates
  • Builds and animates objects as necessary to match into the live action plates.
  • Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets.
  • Work with animation and modeling departments to ensure accurate camera track
  • Problem solving and predict potential problems related to scene setup and continuity.
  • Quality Control files received from client/ other departments

CHF/CFX/Grooming Artist

Software:: Yeti, Xgen, Maya

  • 1 + years’ experience for Grooming using Maya nHair, Shave & Haircut
  • Xgen and knowledge of Yeti is an add on
  • Familiar with Hair/Fur simulation using Maya nHair is an add on
  • Familiar with Cloth rig and simulation is an add on
  • Familiar with Arnold (Renderman is an add on)
  • Working Knowledge Of Maya Required
  • Basic knowledge of geometry topology and deformations
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Great communication and problem-solving skills
  • Open to new ideas and Positive attitude

Rigging Lead

Skills:: MEL, Python, Maya, Muscle System

  • Manages the development of character rigs and animation interfaces and controls
  • Serves as a technical lead and manages the work of character set-up / rigging technical directors
  • Determines technical approaches
  • Leads the development of software scripts, codes and tools that support the department and animators
  • Establishes and enforces standards, file directory structures, naming conventions and version controls
  • Accountable for on time, on budget execution and delivery, as well as quality, of required character set-up / rigging technical direction work
  • Is primarily responsible for handling the performance of the team allocated to him/ her
  • Oversees and handles all the major functional responsibilities (complex sequences) along with cross functional depts
  • Does the bidding/pre-selling process by taking inputs from the prep. dept. TL’s(as and when required)
  • Works closely with Production team during task & manpower allocation
  • Mentors and supervises Teams &Team leads (Technical & People process)
  • Co-coordinates with the production team and supervisors
  • Conducts Dailies & review meetings
  • Responsible for feedback and appraisals of the team &Team leads. Co-coordinates with HR & production and supervisor to ensure that appraisal, feedback and other resource related documentation is updated / shared with HR
  • Identifies Training & Development (T &D) needs of the team & Team leads
  • Responsible for handling the functional responsibility and supervising the whole team. Checks & Approves the tasks done by the team
  • Trouble shoots in times of crisis during work on a project/show
  • Responsible for in-house Creative/Technical training/knowledge transfers
  • Oversees and supervises complex tasks
  • Takes the lead in responsibilities given for his/her function
  • Differentiator between Sr TL and TL is to handling larger size of team depending on project requirement, complexity of the tasks being handled, project/shot or multiple projects/shots being handled and team management experience

Pipeline Developer

Skills :: Python, Maya


Pipeline Technical Directors are responsible for writing and maintaining tools for use on high end visual effects films. Pipeline TDs are required to work closely with the CG Supervisor, department Leads and Lead Pipeline TD.

  • Writing pipeline tools and further developing the pipeline for use across shows
  • Working in collaboration with the CG Supervisor and end users to determine the best solutions
  • Once a solution has been agreed then ensure that it addresses end user and show requirements as briefed
  • Maintaining of tools including troubleshooting and optimization
  • Thorough documentation of all development and updating as necessary
  • Ongoing research to recommend improvements to workflows to improve productivity or communication
Essential Skills
  • Excellent Python, Maya, Nuke, Houdini and Linux skills
  • Experience developing for a 3D application such as Maya or Houdini
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and documentation skills
  • The ability to priorities production needs and tasks
  • A good understanding of the entire visual effects process, from shooting through to compositing
  • A general understanding of networking and performance issues that arise with automated tools
  • Provides technical support for aiding artists with the completion of computer graphics shots.
  • Assists artists with troubleshooting and debugging of production issues.
  • Support and develop tools and procedures, which maintain and enhance the production pipeline.
  • Works with multiple departments and across multiple areas of Technical Direction.
  • Assist animators and artists with troubleshooting of shots. Issues may include problems with fur, clothing, particle effects, animation, and rendering.
  • Support and work with multiple departments, including Modeling, Animation, Lighting, FX, and Research and Development.
  • Work closely with other Technical Directors, Production Supervisors, VFX Supervisors, and Production Engineering to maintain and further the production pipeline.
Desirable Skills
  • Experience with computer graphics
  • Visual effects production experience
  • A degree in Computer Science
  • Good mathematical Knowledge.
  • Ability to support (non-technical) artists
  • Ability to take direction and work in a team environment. Ability to pay close attention to detail
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP), design patterns, projects implementing large systems, C++, Python

Assistant Production Manager

  • Closely work with HODs
  • Managing Department Coordinators
  • Attend Dailies for the shows running under their umbrella
  • Resource Allocation and Planner update / maintenance
  • Meeting with Producers regularly on the shows running in their department to understand the departmental show efficiency, artist efficiency, project health and artist issues
  • Approving leaves falls directly under the producer’s periphery, however department managers have to look into artist discipline as accountability lies with them
  • Keeping a track of Man, Machine and License requirements as well as utilization
  • Addressing pipeline related issues / requirements with the pipeline team
  • Weekly Department Manager and HOD catch up to talk through overall departmental health in terms of Shows, Artists, Leads
  • Working with HR on Hiring or Disciplinary / Performance related things
  • Reporting back to higher management daily on Department Summary and Days delivery table
  • Flagging issues related to creative SUP / Lead to higher management and HODs immediately rather than living with it

Email address and contact details to which the resumes should be sent to: careers@anibrain.com / 9168478637/9168601436/9168696404