December 23-2017
Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd

Rotomaker is a California, USA based company VFX Production facility located in major cities of India like Hyderabad and Chennai. Rotomaker gained a trust as one-stop solution for providing exceptional services in specialized areas like Roto, Keying, Match move and visual effects for most of the major VFX studios around 35 countries in the world.

Having served for Feature Films, TV Shows & Commercials, Rotomaker bagged some prestigious titles including Fast & Furious 7, League of Gods, Ghostbusters, Independence Day 2, San Andreas, Space between us, Benhur, Batman Vs Superman, Pan, Five, Suicide Squad and many more features.

Rotomaker India Pvt Ltd (Hyderabad) invites you to be a part of our Team. Interested candidates can apply for the below open vacancies.

1) Experienced Content Writers

Job Summary: Rotomaker VFX is seeking applications from candidates with proficiency in English content writing. The job involves quality checking creative synopsis written in English for Indian TV Shows and movies as per the guidelines prescribed by the client.

Desired Candidate Profile: 
  • Should have a minimum of 4 years of experience in content writing
  • Must have a minimum of 4 years of experience in team leading/team management.
  • Must be a BA/MA-English/Journalism/Mass Communication graduate.
  • Candidates with other qualification must have experience in content writing. (Creative writing).
  • Excellent English comprehension skills.
  • Experience in Media/Entertainment industry is a plus.
  • Writing synopses for a list of TV shows/movies.
  • Follow client’s standards and guidelines when classifying.
  • Ensure that the synopsis is relevant to the given content and are not exceeding the character limit.
    Also, ensure that the content is grammatically correct.

2) Subtitle/Caption Editor (English to English)

Job Summary: If you are someone who loves watching movies and TV shows and understand every word spoken and able to put it in words easily. There is an opening for the position of caption/subtitle editor In Rotomaker VFX Company.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Watching Hollywood movies and TV shows and other media content, documenting the conversation verbatim and creating captions/subtitles for the same.
  • Need to use appropriate spellings/punctuation (US / UK).
  • Create captions/subtitles of videos for broadcast and DVDs.
  • Understand the guidelines given by the client for documenting the conversation.
  • Maintain quality and turn-around time.
  • Candidates with translation and content writing (creative writing) experience are preferred.
Skills required:
  • Excellent English grammar & vocabulary.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good listening skills, familiarity with foreign accents.
  • Exposure to western culture.
  • Good typing/transcription skills.

3) Subtitling & Dubbing (Localization) Director

Job Summary:  Rotomaker VFX Company is looking for a profile with a deep knowledge and vast experience in the dubbing, sub-titling, and voice over, localization industry and post- production.

Our company provides dubbing services in multiple international and Indian regional languages (for TV Shows and movies). Candidate should have overall knowledge in dubbing and captioning services including script writing, cultural and language disaster checks, dialogue adaptation, voice casting and audition, dialogue recording and editing, M&E track creation, audio mixing, video editing, and Dolby Mastering.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for sourcing and on boarding new translators including testing, review and feedback in language
  • Selection of right talent based on scope of project.
  • Review scripts, translations, final product upon completion.
  • Ensure delivery dates are met.
  • Working experience in media streaming portals like Netflix, Amazon prime etc.. is preferred
  • 4- 5 Experience in localization, media industry, Dubbing & Captioning workflows
  • Strong technical skills and knowledge of tools and devices in digital media
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent English grammar & vocabulary.
  • Knowledge of additional languages will be helpful
  • Deep sense of urgency and ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Outstanding attention to detail and ability to plan complex projects with urgency
  • A positive attitude when experiencing obstacles and enthusiastic to get things done

Candidates can mail their CV to Email id:

Contact: +91 7680001000