June 12-2012
Miniature Craft Art – A Passion for Mohit Lakhmani

Mohit Lakhmani

An admirer and follower of Arts & Crafts, Mohit Lakhmani likes to apply varied forms of his creativity to creating Miniatures. A Diploma holder in 3d animation & VFX & has worked with GEON STUDIO [Sahar India Pariwar], Powermation & Picasso Animation College as a CG Artist & Trainer.

His to be appreciated creation is the ‘Paper Miniature Model’ which he believes is one of his best creations, Mohit was inspired by stop motion animation consisting of small miniature models & he started to study it’s aspects in depth.

Speaking on his paper miniature model, Mohit highlighted, “I’ve always noticed extensive use of miniature models in Hollywood Movies but found it costs ample. Hence I thought to re-create a cost-effective model.”

Mohit’s passion for art and craft drives him to absorb inventive art ideas and make himself open to experimenting Elaborating more on the formation of the paper miniature model, Mohit shared, “Initially, I chose to create a 3D model of my paper miniature ideation & when the 3d model came out to be good, I executed it manually by firstly building small parts of the building & also, I learnt by myself various ways of molding a paper to get a nice output”

As a professional artist, Mohit has done assorted projects related to 3D & GRAPHICS & also has his hands on single paper cut, fold flip models, Cardboards & paper Lamps.

Mohit was recognized as a National Finalist at Red Bull Paper Wing Competition for creating paper planes by applying scientific aerodynamics knowledge of twisting, rolling, spinning a paper.

Putting light on the challenges of creating the paper miniature model Mohit said “Well, the chief challenge was to hold the tangible model & keep it clean. I designed this model in 36 hours, in small shifts over a period of 10 days. Hence, I had to keep it free from dust flakes”

Mohit’s upcoming miniature model is a complete street view of Venice City. He further shared “Compiling a Colorful miniature model of Venice City with a real time Environment is my vision for this miniature model.”