April 18-2019
What inspires Indie game developers to build a game?

Playing a game for the first time is indeed exciting. The mix of exuberance and rush felt as you are transported to a whole new world is an experience that the gaming world is well-acquainted with. The feeling that glues players to the game is something which can only be achievable if the game is unique yet relatable. Here comes the task for every game developer where they have come across the concept, design, gameplay by hitting hard on to their creativity button.

Taking the example of a popular game like PUBG, it has so many different elements will you believe that to put every single bit of element together, the creator might have to storm every bit of nerve.  For a creator, it is always a nerve-racking task to create something, despite that what drives the creator in the creation process is the inspiration, zeal and motivation to create something new.

Bypassing the swords and bullets, the other side of gaming which a lot of players never see in the game is the developer’s passion. Apart from that it also requires a whole lot of heart and soul put into characters who will run any form of art. The inspiration in developing a game can be anything it can be from a toy to a shadow. There’s inspiration everywhere if you know how to look for it. What will happen if the developer lacks the ability to develop a new game? Here are the few inspirations which have helped the Indie developers to continue the process of game development.


Some inspired by the  gaming heroes:

It is always crucial to find out interest from a particular gaming genre.  A developer can choose from the same genre which he/she likes playing or working for others or it can be from a varied one. Remembered the epic arcade video game Pac-Man? It was released in 1980 and developed by Namco and designed by Toru Iwatani has stormed the industry. Later a chain of similar videogames were launched and the reason behind it may be either the developers have a similar wavelength to Namco or inspired from Namco.

Whereas on the other hand Ogre Head Studio, co-founder and director, Zainuddeen Fahadh  who developed mythological game Asura,  short games and currently working on another ambitious project found his inspiration when him and his peers were working in the industry, says he”we were usually working on ports, or some kind of cricket game or Bollywood game which was repetitive and did not appease our creative thirst. We were always into Indian mythology and were playing games like Warcraft and Diablo.  So, we wanted to create something like that, and after the Unity engine came in, it became really easy as we did not have to create the whole infrastructure. We always had the ambition to start our own studio, so that we can choose the projects we want and not just work on ports.”

Some inspired by the passion:

Finding your passion and driving it to a creative piece is best for inspiration and the creative fluid evolve as we age and gain wisdom and experience. But people with a fixed mindset are much more likely to give up when obstacles arise. This is what happened when underDOGS studio CEO and founder, Vaibhav Chavan planned to create MUKTI out of his reverence and love for theatre. He says “being avid theatre lovers and performers, we love stories and the way they’re told. I myself love, and we believe games right now are one of the craziest mediums for storytelling in the way you want.”

Some inspired by real life:
Look back in past when you were a child. Can you recollect the moment of noticing something which you were unable to explain however you made your own interpretations and made stories out of it! Exactly like that in gaming, PlayBae, founder, Nakul Verma expressed that the idea of creating his upcoming game In the Shadows stroke him when he and his couple of friends were “at the terrace found a chain of shadows. Usually, in games and in real life, we are the one who creates shadows right,  what if the shadows have the power to control us  what if the shadows become the most important part of life, that was the  inception of the idea .”

 Some inspired after analysing the market
A key part of any business plan is the market analysis and gaming is no exception. This is one of the strategic inspirations which help the leaders to clutch the right ladder of success. This can be only possible when the leader has the expertise for the particular market and the market magnetism from a financial standpoint. Gameskraft founder and CTO Prithvi Singh started his journey in the gaming industry like that he said “I like to think of myself as an avid gamer. In fact, I started showing interest in gaming from quite a young age. While I never planned on becoming a professional gamer, I spent a lot of time playing video games during my college years. It was around that time when I realised that India’s gaming space is mostly dominated by internet players and therefore the games are not specific to the Indian market. My idea behind Gameskraft was simple – to create games that includes some Indian context and provides our customers with world-class gaming experience.”

Considering the gaming industry, there are endless stream of inspirations that connect the flowing river it is just one has to identify the right stream and flow according to the tide.