December 1-2016
underDOGS and Worldoo launch ‘Mo N Ki World Dash’ to provide kids with ‘fun learning content’

Worldoo has launched Mo N Ki World Dash today, which they claim to be ‘India’s first fun learning game app for kids’ and which is exclusively available over Google Play. The game has reportedly been created post discussion with parents and teachers regarding the increased hours of mobile consumption by kids. The game has been launched in association with UnderDOGS to align with the purpose of ‘making kids smart’.

SS_6Mo N Ki World Dash was conceptualised for kids and is aimed at the masses of the country. The product is a series of games which are customised for tier two and tier three demographics of the country. These are the non-english belt audiences who are in need of such engaging content but are restricted due to the English language barrier. The core thought is ‘Bharatising Fun Learning Content’ for children.

Mo N Ki World Dash is the brainchild of Worldoo, who then roped in UnderDOGS to collaborate with owing to their experience in research based games.

Keeping the needs of kids in mind, Worldoo has partnered with UnderDOGS for a series of games which have been licensed to UnderDOGS exclusively to build and market for the gaming platforms. To start off with, these mobile games have been launched in Hindi and English and then converted to different regional languages.
Worldoo, MD, Monish Ghatalia said, “Learning is becoming an out of school phenomena. But this is largely an urban mindset. As technology is reaching the semi urban states and even deeper, the content is yet to catch up. And that’s how Worldoo will Bharatise Content by developing and producing well researched content and use vehicles such as gaming to deliver the learning aspiration of a parent and fun for a child.

SS_1Mo N Ki World Dash can be described as new-old game. Various characteristics of the game would seem familiar as the main backdrop is drawn from the concept of endless-runner genre. The game lets you chose from two modes, ‘Endless’ and ‘Story’. The endless mode is almost similar to many games you might have played. The Story mode has several stages named after various locations around the globe and once you start advancing you get various facts about the place you are playing at, like the ‘Rio’ stage starts with the trivia: “Did you know, the official name of Brazil is The Federal Republic of Brazil or Republica Federativa do Brasil.” All the stages are replete with various facts and trivia. Even when you are in between your run, you can pick up packs which are dropped around and get some additional trivia as well. So you play and you learn a bit while doing that. This can be a quite good choice for the parents who want their kids to learn, while playing.

UnderDOGS Studio, CEO, Vaibhav Chavan commented, “We are seeing a critical shift in the ‘Learning while Playing’ phenomenon. This is a critical need of every parent today, since learning itself is undergoing a huge shift. We at underDOGS are committed to creating content that is research based to ensure the right outcome for kids.”

UnderDOGS recently won big at the NGC awards at the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference. Their simulation game titled Ultimate Parking Simulator grabbed the runners up position in the ‘BYOG’ category and won the ‘Upcoming Game of the Year’ category.