March 24-2020
Tinkle Comics app engages kids with new activities and features

Children’s favourite, Tinkle has come up with new exciting features in the upcoming issues, which includes various activities like NPAT aka Name Place Animal Thing, Dear Tinkle, Top That, Colour It Up, Tinkle Talk Show.

The magazines are also uploaded on the Tinkle app and available on Magzter. “Understanding how tough it would be for kids to remain home-bound for days on end, Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle have made it a little easier for them. The Apps of both brands have thrown their entire catalogue open, for free to readers for an entire month,” said Tinkle editor-in-chief Rajani Thindhiath.

The NPAT aka Name Place Animal Thing is an activity where we play the game but with a difference. Each name, place, animal and thing is accompanied with interesting trivia. This allows kids to have fun and also gain information.

Dear Tinkle is a helpline feature to answer questions from our young readers about studies, friendship, etc. The answers are provided by our very own Tinkle Toons! This helps children deal with various problems they encounter that they might not be able to express or even know whom to approach them with. They often look at Tinkle as a friend and a good friend is one who is supportive and helpful.

In Top That, there are Tinkle Toons trying to top each other in providing the zaniest of facts about a chosen topic. The topics are carefully curated to catch the interest of our readers and are interesting enough to remain in their minds. Many of our readers have already written to us telling us how these infotainment features have helped them in their projects.

In Tinkle Talk Show, plenty of Tinkle readers who are curious about the Toons, their series and their stories want to ask many questions. Kooki, the biggest fan of the Tinkle Toons, catches hold of them and asks all the questions that the readers want to know on their behalf.

Thindiath also mentioned that kids are thrilled with the newly added features and are finding them useful for school projects and studies. These activities will definitely help kids increase and develop their curiosity and imagination.

Have you subscribed for the Tinkle app yet? Do it, it’s absolutely free for a month. Make your stay at home easy by engaging kids in this beloved Tinkle comic. Also, you can give yourself a ride down the memory lane!