November 18-2016
‘The Little Prince’ director Mark Osborne to helm animated adaptation of ‘Bone’

With many comics being transferred to silver screens with animated movies, another famous comics is about to join the ranks.

‘Bone’, written by Jeff Smith was first published in 1991 and tells the story of three Bone cousins – Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone, who are lost in a vast desert after being run out of Boneville. Lost and tired in the blistering desert, one by one each one of them make their way into a lush and deep valley filled with fantastic and terrifying creatures. Soon the light story takes on a more serious route, but yet everything is blended very well.

BoneScholastic further popularised the comics in the recent years by releasing the graphic novel for it.

Warner Bros. acquired the rights for ‘Bone’ around 2008 and has since been actively working on beginning the procedure for the movie, which we assume would be through CGI. Now, as the news comes, Kung Fu Panda director, Mark Osborne, who just recently concluded his work on ‘The Little Prince’, has been roped in by the studio to helm the adaptation of ‘Bone’.

The story is being thought of as a trilogy with Dan Lin’s Lin Pictures producing it with Animal Logic’s Zareh Nalbandian. The script will be penned by Adam Kline (Artemis Fowl) with Osborne himself. Osborne will also co-produce the film with Lin Pictures’ Mark Bauch.

Given the popularity of the comics, a veteran like Osborne seems like a good choice as he has already been nominated for two Oscars, for his 1999 short ‘More’ and for his 2008’s Kung Fu Panda.