March 23-2018
Reptile FX revamps the cliché idea of wedding invites with animated video invites

Who wouldn’t wish for a memorable wedding and to add to that, an even more memorable wedding invite! Mumbai-based studio Reptile FX powers video invites in an attempt to make your wedding invites indelible. Wedding being the most important and personalised affair in a couple’s life, Reptile FX thought of making the invites all the more customised. Being an animation hub already working on corporate animated videos for the past six years, the team thought of a natural extension to the regular invites, coming up with such a creative and quirky idea.

Reptile FX was started in Mumbai, India but it serves clients globally, US being the second biggest market for the company after India. It’s a video production studio specialising in videos and ads for businesses using animation and live action. It captures stories of soon-to-be-married couples in a captivating audio-visual format. Typically lasting about 60 seconds, these animated invites take around two weeks.

Targeted at NRIs and millennials across India, these customisable animated wedding invites seems a great medium for couples to tell their story and request the presence of their guests in a truly engaging manner. The team has a finely tuned process which starts with the creation of the script based on the couple’s provided information. The characters designed are created by referring to the photographs shared by the clients. Storyboard is created considering the couple’s story from first date to proposal. The video gets an enhanced makeover when the background music is incorporated. Timely inputs of the couple are necessary before proceeding to the subsequent stage.

Reptile FX co-founder and strategy director Prashant Pinge says, “A wedding deserves nothing less than a spectacular announcement. With more and more couples seeking to express their love stories in unique ways, an animated wedding invite from Reptile FX can go a long way in making their special day an even more meaningful and memorable affair. Moreover, characters are modelled like the bride and the groom to ensure that the guests receive a truly personalized feel when the invites reach them”.

Clients desire to create an exclusive experience at a reasonable cost. Many times, the weddings are designed around themes which are incorporated in the video using appropriate elements. Adobe Creative Suite is the software that creates the magic the clients wish for.

“Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to share an animated invite on social media. We did a soft launch about a month ago, and the response has been tremendous. We’ve already successfully delivered five animated invites so far” added Pinge.