December 18-2014
Reliance Games puts on its boxing gloves once again

Reliance Games, is back with its latest experience in mobile gaming with Ultimate Robot Fighting. The new game is out now on iOS in the Apple App Store and on Android devices via Google Play. The creator of successful hits such as Real Steel and Real Steel World Robot Boxing with over 50mn downloads has been successful in the brawler game experience with Pacific Rim in the past as well.

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing gaming segments in modern technology. With HD visuals and 3D graphics, game developers are attracting more players to a mobile platform.

 “Ultimate Robot Fighting brings forth pulsating 3v3 Robot tag team action to entertain players with a wide array of superlative robots having sensational special moves and distinctive fighting styles. The game’s experience has been designed so players can choose characters which fit their identity and reveal who the ultimate champion is in the battle with the sentient AIs” said Reliance Entertainment Digital – CEO, Manish Agarwal

With 45 playable characters, 33 distinctive fighting styles and unique weapons for robots, Ultimate Robot Fighting incorporates a tier based 3 vs 3 tag team fighting with boss battles where players earn rewards and achievements to receive upgrades, support cards and unique special moves.

Ultimate Robot Fighting has intuitive gesture based controls with 90+ unique moves & combos, 100+ unique and epic finishing moves and 250+ different fights .Developments in mobile graphics allow gamers to fight in immersive state of the art arenas with 9 unique locations inspired from real life locations.

This game has added with new features such as state-of-the-art cell shaded art direction & intuitive gesture controls. Reliance Games claims Ultimate Robot Fighting will bring console quality visuals and experience to a mobile platform.