December 20-2016
Redshift-rendered Christmas short delivered by Blue Zoo in record time

BAFTA Award-winning animation studio based in London, Blue Zoo has delivered a follow-up to its popular 2015 Christmas short ‘No More Stuff’. Featuring the mischievous elves from the original, the seasonal sequel No More Stuff was produced using the world’s fastest production-quality, GPU-accelerated renderer Redshift.

Using the explosive action flick trailer format, No More Stuff sees a vengeful Santa Claus return to enact revenge on his workshop staff, following the elves’ musical mockery of Christmastime extravagance.

Blue Zoo, co-founder and producer, Tom Box comments, “No More Stuff was a big challenge—we wanted to deliver complex features like high-quality hair renders with a super-quick turnaround. With Redshift’s raw power and speed, we could deliver beautiful renders across No More Stuff that hit and even surpassed Blue Zoo’s quality bar. We’re truly proud of the finished result; Redshift was an integral part of making it happen on time to the level we require.”

Last year’s short was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick and collected a variety of industry awards. The follow-up is more action-packed, harnessing the power of Redshift’s biased rendering toolset to deliver everything a sequel should be: bigger, badder and better.

Blue Zoo achieved this on a tight schedule, turning No More Stuff around within four weeks—half the amount of time spent on the original short. This was achieved by rendering in Yellowdog’s cloud rendering service and by utilising the power of Redshift 2.0; allowing Blue Zoo to render 50,000 frames overnight.

Blue Zoo team has been rendering with Redshift since 2015. Redshift 2.0 was launched in 2016, and recently announced a new plugin for Golaem’s popular Maya-based crowd simulation technology.