October 27-2016
Exclusive preview: Doctor M by Kalapani Comics

Story by: Shashank Avvaru
Art by: Revin
Publisher: Kalapani Comics
Age group: 12 – 45 years
Pages: 31 center pinned comic strip
Price: Rs 99

Post its first two comic launches Kaged Muscle and Eldritch Chronicles, the contemporary imprint of Vimanika Comics – Kalpani Comics is set to launch to launch its third title Doctor M.

Here’s the synopsis of the comic:

One minute, Dr. Harsh Nigam – reputed homoeopathic practitioner, inventor, researcher is lost in a world of microorganisms at his New Delhi laboratory.

Next minute, his world starts crashing around him. His neighbour’s son Tinku is ill from a disease that no human has ever had before. With no medical resources, no doctors aiding him and the clock ticking away, Dr. Nigam is locked in a battle against death.

The terrorist organisation Antham has stayed underground for decades but no longer. After a set of moves leave New Delhi shaken up, Antham decides it is time to show themselves to the nation and their agenda is simple: take control of the government. Hot on their tail are inspector Zakir and detective Raji determined to unmask Antham and stop their apocalyptic vision from becoming a reality.

Does Dr. Nigam succeed? Will Tinku survive? Can Antham be stopped?

Writer Shashank Avvaru and artist Revin spin a thrilling medical roller coaster of a comic book that is sure to entertain and terrify. Doctor M will be the first of the new title and based on the responses, further issues will be published.

Doctor M is set to launch at Bengaluru Comic Con on 12 November 2016.

DOC M Cover Kalapani Comics Final

Doc M



Doctor M