September 24-2014
Prasad EFX packs a punch with Ravi Teja’s ‘Power’

It seems like Prasad EFX has lots of movies in its kitty. From creating CGI to giving VFX for Bollywood to Tollywood movies, the studio continues to deliver project after project for its clients.

Recently Prasad EFX provided VFX & DI services for K.S.Ravindra’s Power, the recent Telugu film starring Ravi Teja in the lead role; produced by Rockline Entertainments.

“We worked on about 70 minutes of VFX in the movie Power. Compositing, 3D tracking and also doing complicated touchups and cleanup jobs were part of the project,” said Prasad EFX, VP Hima Kumar.

Power, is the story about ACP Baldev Sahay (Ravi Teja) a corrupt cop in Kolkata, who dies in a fierce fight. On another hand Tirupathi (Ravi Teja) is a wannabe cop from Hyderabad who is asked by the Home minister of Kolkata to play the role of ACP Baldev as he looks like him. Rest of the story is all about why ACP Baldev became a corrupt cop and how Tirupathi executes the unfinished mission of Baldev.

The movie consists of around 1,000 VFX shots and the team took a total of 8 months to finish the entire project. “We had to go for lot of 3D tracking shots to replace green matte backgrounds and other background changeovers. Director Santosh Ravindra Kolli (Bobby) gave us lots of references and creative inputs for important sequences in the movie which helped us in executing the VFX,” expounded Hima.

Under the efficient Supervision of C H Sreenivas a large team including Rajesh Radhakrishna (Sr. Line Producer), Priya Kumar (3D Line Producer), Bhargavi (Project Lead), Abdul Rawoof (Quality controller), KRS Prasad (VFX shoot co-ordinator) and many others have put-in their hard work on this project.

“The harbor fight sequence has come out really well, where the villain is killed using a ship’s anchor. The anchor and iron chain attached to it is completely done in CG with additional water simulations. Lot of labor was put in while modeling, texturing, lighting and animating it, in order to give it a realistic look,” ended Hima.