April 12-2017
Overwatch’s latest event is now LIVE

As it was already leaked a few days ago, Overwatch’s new player versus AI, event mode puts players up against hordes of omnics raging through the King’s Row sector of London.

The prelude to this event was set up by a comic titled ‘Uprising’ which talked about the game’s mascot, Tracer’s, first mission to liberate the King’s Row sector of the rouge omnics, alongside veterans like Torbjorn, Reinhardt and Mercy. The event is named same as the comic.

The new mode require players to capture (read: hack) three points and then defend the payload for a while. All of this while protecting the points and the payload from attacks of scores of hostile robots. Only four of the aforementioned heroes are available in this mode.

The event also brings with itself loads of ingame collectibles- sprays, highlight intros, victory poses, skins and more. Most notable addition in the collection would be Blackwatch skins for Genji and McCree. Apart from that, the four heroes from the PVE event have brought in their ‘Overwatch Agent’ skins.

Blizzard has been slowly but surely expanding the lore of its roster. Through various ingame items, comics and previous events like this. In addition, they have kept a steady flow of content in some way or other while keeping in mind reworks and balances of already existing characters.

The event patch is already live in the game.